Bruce Robb

Bruce Robb


Bruce Robb is an award-winning multi-platinum rock producer, engineer, music supervisor and musician, who also co-founded the world famous Cherokee Studios. Working with Bruce means, not only accessing his extraordinary talent, but decades of professional relationships at the top of the industry.


BRUCE ROBB is an award-winning multi-platinum record producer, and highly respected music industry veteran. His cumulative work as a producer and engineer has generated well over 200 Million dollars in record sales, while his musical contribution to motion pictures and television has supported over One Billion dollars in worldwide sales. Bruce Robb also co-founded Cherokee Studios, the world famous recording studio, which has been a home to recording legends such as, Frank Sinatra, Elton John and David Bowie, and has been honored with over 300 Gold and Platinum records. As a musician, and one of the most accomplished players of the Hammond B3 organ, Bruce Robb has toured with icons like Jerry Lee Lewis and performed on more than 200 recorded songs by some of the industries biggest talent including, Little Richard, Etta James and Rod Stewart to name just a few.

With his new indie record label, Quarter 2 Three Records, Robb keeps a demanding schedule working with the label’s artists and developing new talent. Currently, he is preparing for the label’s first release Out of the Wilderness from celebrated blues man and R&B artist Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise (produced, engineered and mixed by Robb). While the RBBS first single “Americaland” hits the airwaves, he’ll be finishing production on the next two releases: a new album for the blues rock band The Bihlman Brothers and a debut for a fresh new hip hop group called Matter. While the label has become his primary focus, he still makes time for outside projects. His recent live recordings of the Grammy-nominated band, The Duhks, debuted on Indie 103.1 FM to support environmental awareness. When offered the opportunity to co-produce and play B3 for Ronnie Laws of Earth, Wind and Fire, Robb was honored, and the resulting album Everlasting was number one in sales on the jazz charts for six weeks. And, what started as a self-funded passion project for Shelby Lynne, with Robb producing, engineering and mixing, evolved into the full album, Identity Crisis, which Rolling Stone compared to “a grainy black-and-white noir,” and Capital Records won in a bidding war. Major labels have relied on Robb’s ability to draw out talent for years. Atlantic Records was so pleased with the success of the first two Gold records Robb produced for The Lemonheads, they brought him another then unknown artist, Jewel, for her first studio recording.

A fan of cinema, and the challenges of intelligent and creative music supervision/production, Robb has expanded his interest by co-founding Bruce Robb Productions to offer his original approach to music production for film, as well as television, commercials and gaming. Counting over 30 custom songs created for specific dance choreography, Robb has just completed music producing/composing/supervising an original score and soundtrack for a new Amy Smart movie. Prior to launching his own company, Robb had shared a ten-plus year relationship with director, composer and musician John Carpenter as his exclusive music producer/supervisor. Most recently, they collaborated with Carpenter’s son, Cody Carpenter, on his debut effort composing the score and soundtrack for John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns, which aired as an episode of Showtime’s Masters of Horror. Around awards time, Robb watched with pride as the HBO movie, Lackawanna Blues, for which he produced, engineered and mixed all of the live music, was nominated for an astounding forty-nine awards with twenty-four wins, including the Golden Globe. In this motion picture and soundtrack, Robb’s production can be heard and seen, in the club scenes where Mos Def sings “Caldonia” and “Destination Love” backed by the real musicians Robb assembled for the studio recordings, who appear as Mos Def’s onscreen band. In addition, Robb’s work producing, engineering, mixing and playing on the critically-acclaimed release from Robert Bradley and the Blackwater Surprise, Still Lovin’ You, overlapped his work for the film where Bradley appeared performing his music, including an incredible duet with Macy Gray. Over the years, Robb has counted many of the top A-list directors as his clients, most of whom have a strong connection to music, including: David Lynch, Ivan Reitman, and Robert Altman. He is also a secret weapon for savvy music supervisors like Evyen Klean with whom he collaborated for Lackawanna Blues.

In response to demand from clients wanting to build their own professional studios, Robb’s third company was formed with former News Corp./Fox Studios’ Project Manager, John Anderson, and foremost studio acoustician George Augspurger. With their combined expertise, A&R Studio Design and Construction offers world-class acoustic and technical studio consulting, design and development for projects ranging in scale from a full service soundstage to a deluxe home studio. A&R is already consulting on a full-scale studio and entertainment complex in a confidential location, and


Partial Bruce Robb Discography:
*See below for Filmography

Art Garfunkel (artist)
Watermark (album) *Gold

John Cougar Mellencamp (artist)
Nothin' Matters and What If It Did (album) *Platinum
Best That I Could Do [1978-1988] (album) *Platinum(3x)
Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits (album) *Platinum Album

The Lemonheads (artist)
Come on Feel the Lemonheads (album) *Gold
It's a Shame About Ray (album) *Gold
Creator (album)
[Single "Mrs. Robinson" reached #8 on the 1992 Billboard Hot 100.]

Greg Allman (artist)
Laid Back (album) *Gold

Rickie Lee Jones (artist)
Flying Cowboys (album) *Gold

Billy Vera & The Beaters (artist)
By Request (The Best of Billy Vera & The Beaters) (album) *Gold

Barbara Streisand (artist)
The Broadway Album (album) *Platinum(4x)
[1986: Grammy winner and #1 Album on Billboard 200 chart.]

Selena (artist)
Dreaming of You (album) *Platinum(3x)

Burton Cummings (artist)
Dream of a Child (album) *Platinum(3x) [in Canada]

Rod Stewart (artist)
Twistin' the Night Away (song)

Jewel (artist)

Dr. John (artist)
Mos' Scocious: Anthology (album)

Etta James (artist)
Deep in the Night (album)

Nazareth (artist)
Malice in Wonderland (album)

Ringo Starr (artist)
Stop and Smell The Roses (album)

Jeff Beck (artist)
Green Onions (song)

Robert Palmer (artist)
Unknown Album

Shelby Lynne (artist)
Identity Crisis (album)

Buffalo Tom (artist)
Big Red Letter Day (album)

Tower of Power (artist)
We Came To Play (album)

Cher (artist)
Chronicles (album)

Steve Cropper (artist)
Night After Night (album)
Playing My Thang (album)

Bob Crewe (artist)
Motivation (album)

Robben Ford/The Yellowjackets (artist)
Inside Story (album)

Ronnie Laws (artist)
Everlasting (album)

Harry Nilsson (artist)
Flash Harry (album)

Jean-Luc Ponty (artist)
Mystical Adventures (album)

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise (artist)
Still Lovin' You (album)

Various Artists
Just Because I'm a Woman: The Songs of Dolly Parton (album)


"Love N' Dancing"
"Masters of Horror: John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns"
"Lackawanna Blues"
"Just Friends"
"Punch Drunk Love"
"Run Ronnie Run"
"Ghosts of Mars"
"The Other Sister"
"Village of the Damned"
"Don Juan DeMarco"
"Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me"
"My Girl"
"The Experts"
"The Great Outdoors"
"Down and Dirty Duck"
"Crime Story"

Commercial Credits:

FTD Florist
Sci-Fi Channel (w/ David Lynch)
Incredible Edible Egg
California Raisins
Kibbles & Bits