Brunner is a mood, a feeling which is reflected in our music. Our sound is eclectic ranging from soulful to lively, passionate and raw. We encompass every thought and feeling we experience, which fuels our writing process. Our sound is unique, not scripted which is why no two shows are alike.


Dave Matthews and Dominic Mustillo met in early October 2003. Brunner made their debut to a receptive audience at Karma Local Arts House and discovered their new carreers in music. Throughout this time, the band has honed not only their technical skills but their songwriting skills as well. The band has made a reputation for themselves at local venues and by appearing on the A-channel entertainment program "WIRED" twice in 2004. After playing regularly as a duo for a year the band set their sights higher and entered the Vibe 98.5 Un-signed Vibe contest which is open to local singer/songwriters. Brunner was one of three finalists in the contest and expanded their fan base. Brunner can be seen regularly at Brewster's in Calgary. Fans can keep up to date with show/dates and news by visiting


Brunner will be releasing their first full length album "RELAX" on APRIL 27th at the IRONWOOD STAGE AND GRILL

Set List

Typically we play two or three sets with 20 songs on our set lists, sets are usually an hour each. Most of our set contains original material with covers of Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson , Ben Harper and Guster.