Bruno Benetton Free Band

Bruno Benetton Free Band


Its a unique mix of slovak melodic feeling mixed with loops and vintage backvocals that makes this band what it is.


The idea of starting a band came in 2006 by Mustafa and Krizo. In 2008 they started working on a new material for their solo project and in 2010 they met Tomas Palonder - and the band became real. They released song "Youre my mate" in November 2010, which won the song contest organised by T-Mobile corporation. This single is also released on the T-Mobile contest CD compilation.

In January 2011 they released the debut CD "The Phenomenons of Pop" on the CCL label. In Fall 2011 - Bruno Benetton Free Band is going to tour throughout the Europe. The dates will be announced on their myspace web pages. Apart from live performances Bruno Benetton Free Band is also working hard on the second album.

"The new stuff is already 90 percent complete, we are doing our best to find the face for the sound and make a progress" says the singer Tomas Palonder.


LP 2010 "The Phenomenons of Pop"

Set List

1. Baby
2. Jessie
3. It wont come easy
4. Baby Girl
5. I got to...
6. All we have done
7. Evidence
8. For sure
9. Clothed in roots and fire
10. Oua he
11. Evermore
12. Youre my mate
13. Castle Road