Brushfield Spots

Brushfield Spots


brushfield spots is original. with a thick, rich pop melodic backdrop, this 3-piece rock phenomena spins lush & scathing tales of intimate injustice.


brushfield spots was established in 2005 by nathan st. onge and stacy brockett. these two bleeding-heart home wreckers have spent three years in and out of the company of others, honing their extreme and unique blend of all too personal tale telling, living and reporting... never before has a single pop band ever so introduced its listeners to the ultra human-experience of grinning and cringing in an instant. it's fun. it's real.



Set List

our typical set is around ten songs, 45 minutes long. one song virtually flows into the next and the set is a work in and of itself. the songs belong in the order they flow story wise as well as by dynamics of sound. it's a show.