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Brutal Polka is the most interesting thing that has happened in music in a long time. The band takes any genre of music (metal, pop, punk, reggae, ska, jazz and more) and combines it with their own style. This is Israel's number one band in Europe!


Brutal Polka (BP) is an Israeli punk-rock band that combines different styles of traditional and world music, with an underlying basis of rock, in a one-of-a-kind ultra energetic show.

In 2004 BP released their first full studio LP, A Tribute to Mainstream,12 tracks (in English) combining intricate melodies, humorous lyrics, schizophrenic harmonies, into one cohesive and thoroughly engrossing musical mind trip. With styles ranging from aggressive Punk rock to Country music to Gypsy guitar to Piano ballads, with a hard hitting, infectious, Rock and Roll sound, BP is truly unique.

During the years of 2000-2004 BP performed throughout Israel, in every club, pub and squat. They have had promotion in all major Israel rock radio stations, magazines and are in the process of filming a clip for the Israeli music television channel.

In the summer of 2005, BP, an unsigned band with no official label or booking agency, closed there own European tour. During the months of June/July they played 25 shows in seven different countries, selling over 100 CDs and other Merchandise. The highlight shows included a show with Walls of Jericho and Terror in Germany and a show with the Bombshell Rocks and Use to Abuse in Austria.

During the summer of 2006, BP toured Europe for the second time, countries included: Israel, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. With over 20 shows, the tour was a great success. One of the highlights of the tour was co-headlining Punk Island (Slovakia) with The Toy Dolls. BP also 2 new demo songs including a cover for Walk like an Egyptian.?

In the summer 2007 Brutal Polka partook in their 3rd and most successful European tour. This included selling out of all merchandise in 33 shows in countries such as Germany, Czech, Poland, Scotland, Sweden and England, headlining with bands such as the Dwarves, the Casualties, the Toy Dolls, Municipal Waste, Derrick Morgan and many others. In addition, BP signed with un-exclusive European booking agencies Roadshock Booking and 4warded Music: BP also released a new demo song: I'm not Gay I'm just Bi-curious.

In the winter of 2007-08 BP partook in their first ever winter-X-mass tour including 14 shows in Germany and Austria with a new cover song "Jingle Bells" and brand new merch, including: Micro-penis stickers, 'Frogs are not French cuisine' t-shirts and more.

BP is now preparing to release their second studio album in June of 2008 titled "The Gargartuan Return of the Frogz and the Holy Cocks" in addition to a 4th European summer tour of 50 shows during the months of June-July-August of 2008. (Click here to sample songs from the new album) In addition, BP will also release its first ever BP home video's: 'Winter Tour 2007-08 Diary' where the boys get crazier and drunk-er than ever before!

Currently BP is looking for a record label to represent them in Europe.

For more info/music/videos/merch, please see the official website or Also check out our You Tube page at: And now also the new Brutal Polka online store:


Brutal Polka - Promotional Demo CD
Brutal Polka - A Tribute To Mainstream

Set List

Hardcore Star
Walk Like An Egyptian (Bangles Cover)
I'm Not Gay... I'm Just Bi-Curious
KKK Song
Jingle Bells
I wish I could Masturbate With My Left Hand
Inertial Frames Of Reference
This is a message
Rehearse Till You Drop
Fuck The World