Brutha Pone

Brutha Pone

BandHip HopChristian

the anointing that will break the yoke. bibical truth. spiritual adhearence. holy ghost guidance. street. bold. obediant. humble.


i am influnced by the sermons of great preachers like marvin boyd, b.k. henton, prophetess j.e. harris, darryl mccoy. i am set apart from other christian rappers in the since that i actually have a lifestyle of christianity. those rappers who dont live like christ but prostitute christ are those that are my enemies. i am an x felon x gang banger and all that comes with that life style. my message is to the streets. i dont preach to the choir. i witness christ to the block. the hood. the street.


i've released 5 cd's on the street level, #1 t.h.u.g.s. those holy are used for gods service.#2 lord deliver me#3 maturity#4 til all my homies get saved#5 cry loud spare not. i am releasing some select songs on my up coming web page.