Brutus Gets The Girl

Brutus Gets The Girl



Take influences from; New Wave, British 80s Electronica, Alternative Rock and Spanish Pop Music and you have one of the most eclectic bands in the Los Angeles music scene Brutus Gets The Girl - The sound is a mix of dream like melancholy melodies with soft vocals, throbbing electronic bass pulses and distorted guitar echoes. Their music as well as their lyrics stays engraved in your mind.

Formed in the fall of 2002 by Silvano Barba, on guitars and vocals and his sister Marisol Barba, on piano and vocals. Shortly thereafter they asked Mike Delgado to play drums and long-time friend Joe Spelman to collaborate on synthesizer. Now they have built a loyal following after playing for the past few years all around the Los Angeles area. Their growing successes have resulted in the bands 2005 debut release of a self-produced EP, contra LOVE.

With songs ranging from introspective rock to spirited pop, Brutus Gets The Girl is looking to be one of the most refreshing sounds to come out of Los Angeles's new indie music scene. Expect to see and hear much more from Brutus Gets The Girl in the months to come!


Brutus Gets The Girl Demo - 2004
contra LOVE EP - 2005

The track "Universe" off "contra LOVE" has regular airplay on "" & ""