Bryan Bell

Bryan Bell


music thats good for you, like soup


been writing since I was really young...for some reason I'm quite good at it and still dig it so haven't stopped...more recently I've been producing other artists which I enjoy alot


It Sure Seems A Long Way Down

Written By: Bryan Bell

It sure seems a long way down

You wonder if you’ll get thru the morning
You just stare at the ceiling
Surplus to reason
You wanna cry
to connect with a feeling
but nothing is real and
nothing has meaning

the day is out but there lies the problem
more moments alone and
no embrace for your broken body
clouded minds make fears all the more clear
Why do you come here
to leave on your own dear

it sure seems along way down

and everything is shelved
while you try to take toll of it
coming undone to where you lost you
everything is shelved
and still your mind won’t roll with it
coming undone to where you lost you

you crawl along the floor
as your rainbow’s come crashing
thunder brings you down
clouds gather more
while you and the rain falls on the ground

tune in tune out
turn on
It sure seems a long way down


released three original albums and numerous singles under previous band 'Dead Flowers' (new zealand)...have released 2 solo singles with debut solo album almost finished