Bryan Eich

Bryan Eich

 New York City, New York, USA

Come on in... I don't bite.


Bryan Eich is a New York artist with a refreshing blend of intense vocals, melody and atmospheric production. It is dark, explosive, pop.

With soulful vocals, radio-friendly melodies, and compact choruses, Eich’s songs unfailingly grab you at first listen. Yet, it’s the details of his compositions—subtle chord voicings, real dynamics, and striking arrangements—that make listeners come back to them again.

Since picking up the guitar at a young age, Bryan has never looked back. He has dedicated himself to his craft and has truly found his own authentic original sound.

"Illusions" (2012) will be Bryan's first full length release since 2007. Recorded at Sully Studios and written over a period of 3 years.


LP (Summer 2007) - Sleeping By A Wire
LP (Jan 2009) - Does Every Man Own Secrets? (unreleased)
EP (Winter 2010) - Devil in Disguise
LP (Fall 2012) - Illusions