Bryan Field McFarland

Bryan Field McFarland

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Lyrically pondering life's quests & questions, Bryan has been described as "Peter, Paul & Mary meets Bob Seger." Genre-hopping from to new folk to social justice issues to gospel to singer/songwriter, Bryan aspires to "bring folk music BACK to church" where he learned it in the 70s.

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When You Gonna Call My Name?

Written By: Bryan F. McFarland & Tommy Brown

When you gonna call my name?
Lord, When you gonna call my name?
I heard you calling to Lazarus
And I’m needin’ just the same [repeat]

I am bound by bandages
I am bound by sin
I am bound in death's dark pale
And the veil is growing thin
Oh, I am bound by choices made
Yes, I am bound by them
I am bound by life’s long march
And, I'm feeling trapped within

When you gonna call my name....

I am bound to wander
I am bound to hate
I am bound to reach the door
But it won’t be heaven’s gate
I am bound in darkness
Longin’ for your light
I am bound within this tomb
Prayin’ for the end of night

When you gonna call my name...

Human Being

Written By: Bryan Field McFarland

I saw deer again just before daybreak
Watching morning mist rising off the lake
Man, it took my breath & brought back to me
All the life I've been too busy to see

Like the smiling eyes of a woman each day
Putting up with the things I do and I say
Like the kids who want nothing more than my time
Playing catch in the yard, read a book at bed time
Cause I'm busy over-working, over-seeing
Thinking I'm a human doing... not a human being

Well, the mist burned off and and the deer turned my way
I saw me in their eyes at the dawn of that day
Being absent to those who need me the most
Just a shell of a man. Like an un-holy ghost


Ya know, no one on their deathbed
Ever groaned and said,
"If only I had worked even more!"
Something 'bout that daybreak
Somehow I came awake...
Saw my life like never before.

Cuz the smiling eyes of woman I see
She's a saint for the love she's showered on me
And the kids who want nothing more than my time
Deserve all I can give for the mountain they'll climb
Too much busy won't define me I am agreeing
I am not a human doing, but a human being
We are human doings, but human beings


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