Bryan Gordon

Bryan Gordon


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"Blue Star Motel" by Bryan Gordon & The New Digs
"Eight Hit Wonders!" by The A.M. Band
"3 Song Sampler" by The Beat Poets

Set List

I don't have a "typical" repertoire, and I don't usually follow a set list.

I am comfortable playing to many types of audiences and tend to gear my sets to the their needs (which usually changes as the night goes on!).

A few of the artists I do cover are:

*Elton John
*Bruce Springsteen
*James Taylor
*Bob Dylan
*The Gin Blossoms
*Cat Stevens
*Stone Temple Pilots
*Simon and Garfunkel
*Elvis Costello
*Elvis Presley
*John Mellencamp
*Eddie Cochran
*Counting Crows
*Crosby, Stills and Nash
*Roger Miller
*The Beatles
*The Rolling Stones


*Many 70's "One Hit Wonders"
*Irish ballads & rebel songs
*Acoustic Pop originals