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Bryan Grant

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
Band Jazz Adult Contemporary


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Bryan Grant
Chicago , IL
By: Kory Livingstone

I visited Bryan 's EPK and first listened to “Think of Me;” It's a very laid back instrumental, that features the piano, very subtle percussion and string accompaniment. Bryan creates a very relaxing environment.  The string orchestra is used judiciously and effectively.  The string samples are life-like and he has done an excellent job of performing them as well as blending them into the fabric of this instrumental.

Bryan has only supplied a very short sample of "Think of Me".  And it's only when the song unexpectedly ends that you realize that the tune has hypnotized you, gotten subtle command of your attention, something that you were not even aware of as you listened to what seemed to be a simple, and melodically unremarkable tune.  Was this planned or is it just a coincidence? To answer this I then listened to "Motion" & "Missing You" (both instrumentals). They were consistent with the style of "Think of Me You very relaxed, clear & purposeful. Although "Motion" was an up tempo instrumental, it also adhered to melodic simplicity, and structure.  Bryan should continue to exploit this formula as he has made a good start in developing a nice little niche for himself.

- Northeast In-Tune Magazine

"Bryan Grant, One to Watch in Chicago"

On his 12-track debut, "Think of Me," pianist Bryan Grant establishes himself as a very able, if not compulsive composer of easy-listening, pop jazz instrumentals. The careful arrangement of “In My Dreams” features layers of harmonizing piano and synthesizer tracks subtly driven by drum machine percussion. Chord progressions and crystal-clear instrumental flourishes strive to induce reflective moods on “I’ll Be There” and “Just One Look.” (

Jason Scales

- Illinios Entertainer


"Think Of Me" by Bryan Grant, 2005

(stream tracks: Think Of Me, Motion, Missing You)



For Immediate Release

Bryan Grant’s Debut Collection of Jazz Instrumentals
Think Of Me, Now Available

Chicago area composer, Bryan Grant, is pleased to announce the release of his debut CD “Think Of Me.” Grant is a self-taught pianist whose dreamy, upbeat brand of new style jazz is sure to please fans of instrumental pop composers like Jim Brickman and John Tesh. Grant composed, arranged and performed all the music on this 12-track release, which was recorded at Liquide Sounds Studio in Chicago. “Think Of Me” is available through,, The CD,,, and multiple digital download MP3 internet music sites. It is also available as ring tone downloads across Asia.

Lush, swirling production and playful hypnotic melodies are the earmark of Grant’s impressive collection “Think Of Me.” The title track is a slow, thoughtful piano study accented by a chorus of soothing synths that captivate like waves crashing on the shore. The mid-tempo pick-me-up “Worth Taking,” starts with a catchy, upbeat piano and takes it soaring with airy cymbals and blasts of faint percussion sounding like the billowy stream of inspiration. Fans of John Tesh brand instrumental heroism will instantly recognize a kindred spirit in “Motion,” with it’s galloping beat and sea of atmospheric percussion. In all, the 12 fresh tracks showcase Grant’s considerable talent as a composer, but what makes this collection even more unique is the way that his optimistic, soothing nature shines through.

“Think Of Me,” is Bryan Grant’s first recording, but the talented composer’s thirst to play music goes back to his childhood, when he taught himself to play the piano by studying his niece’s piano lesson, secondhand, at his aunt’s house. Playing has been his passion ever since and has always been a priority even as he traveled the world in the military and returned home to pursue a career in medicine. While in medical school, his brother recruited him to join his band and playing with live musicians would prove to be a turning point for him as a musician. “I learned chording and arranging patterns from that experience, and soon began coming up with my own songs and arrangements.”

His collection of original songs grew from there, and now, after years of wanting to make a CD, he decided that there was no better time than the present. Whether his future includes a record deal, soundtrack scoring, having his music orchestrated and performed, or simply releasing more self-released CD’s for appreciative listeners, Grant will continue to create music from his heart, with the hopes of sharing it with others. “I would like to offer inspiring music that doesn’t really tell what to think - it let’s you go ahead and reflect on your own. I’d like to provide that conduit to help you relax, to touch your soul.”