Bryan Hurst

Bryan Hurst


If Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith had a love child and gave that baby to Paul Westerberg and Steve Earle to raise, that baby might have grown up to be Bryan Hurst. Bryan's atmospheric roots rock sound proudly claims its heritage while pointing in brave new directions.


My music is rootsy indie rock, with a socially and politically conscious edge - and a sense of humor. Influences include Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, Bruce Springsteen, REM, Replacements, Jayhawks, Ryan Adams, John Hiatt, etc.

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Written By: © 1989-2003 Bryan E. Hurst

We hear of other places we’ll never see
That somehow fail to trigger our selective memories
We cling to strange security, it could never happen to you or me

All the books and all the schools have given you rules
Our parents’ minds were shaped by these subjective tools
We condemn other people for the sins of fools
We never believed that we were ever such ghouls

And I don’t know what you’ve been told
But I’ve got a past-imperfect soul
So take your memories, new and old
And drop `em down the memory hole

If Beijing, Prague and Budapest
Were just names in the wild, wild west
Would the fingers point this way?
What would your father say?

If you could just ask the natives from Columbus Day on
Or the four dead in Ohio who were fired upon
From Selma to Detroit, DC to LA
Ask anyone who’s been afraid at some point today

And I know just what you’ve been told
That’s why I pray for America’s soul
Just take these memories new and old
And drop `em down the memory hole
Just take your tragedies vivid and whole
And drop `em down the memory hole
The memory hole…


Written By: © 2004 Bryan E. Hurst

I tried to tell you not to think that way
I told you just to shut your mouth
There's a lotta spies `round here
You'll blow our cover, dear
Before you know it they'll be flying us down south

We live in dangerous times indeed my friend
It's unlike anything I've seen
It's like a long, slow dance - with blissful ignorance
The kind that borders on obscene
Almost, but not quite, human beings

My beloved infidel - I see the fear and loathing in your face
My beloved infidel - keep one eye open each time we embrace

I would have bought our way to safety, love
But I didn't have a dime
It's sad for me to say, but it would seem today
The way you're thinking is a crime
They'll give you mandatory time

My beloved infidel - to them, you're the intruder in the dust
My beloved infidel - there is no greater treason than to trust

Do you feel like you fell down some rabbit hole
And ended up somehow, someway
In some parallel reality that fell
Under some evil demon's sweetly worded spell
Where the true patriots keep their godamn mouths shut
`Cause no one buys the lies you sell
We'll meet again my friend in hell

My beloved infidel - I see the fear and loathing in your face
My beloved infidel - keep one eye open each time we embrace

My beloved infidel...


Written By: © 1990, 2004 Bryan E. Hurst

I come from flesh and I come from bone – and I’m
Walking upright
And don’t it feel like we’re all alone in
Walking upright

No other creatures are afflicted with this sad condition
Not of their own volition
So while our backs ache, and our heads grow
Take my advice now – why don’t you walk slow

We crawled from mud and we swung from trees, and we’re
Walking upright
We spread the word and we spread disease and we’re
Walking upright

And all our talk of heaven and hell don’t
Sit with the gods too well now
You got a mind and you got a soul
But all your money seems to burn a hole while

You’re walking upright…

I’ve got the skills to rule my own fate when I’m
Walking upright
That’s why you’ll find me sleeping late instead of
Walking upright

No fossil fuel gotta cloud the sky when we’re
Walking upright
And if man were meant to fly, why are we
Walking upright

If the evolution train stops at this station
Reverse my destination
And if we’re at the top of the food chain
The missing link must not be missing anything

Walking upright…


Waiting for Favors (ear X-tacy, 1999)
Beloved Infidel (ear X-tacy/Black Locust Music, 2004)

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Set List

I'm able to play anywhere from a 20 minute set to a two hour (or longer) show, depending on what's needed. I typically do all originals, plus one or two covers, usually Bob Dylan songs which I've redone in my own style. I can do more covers when needed. Originals are taken from my two CDs, plus a few non-released originals.