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The best kept secret in music



Reviewer: Alex
I listened to this album at sunrise after a night of partying and it blew my mind. Every song seemed to actually paint the sky.


This album RULES
Reviewer: Ben
I have this album in the car and I play it constantly. No matter what mood I am in there is something on this CD that will match.


This album ROCKS
Reviewer: Josh
This CD reminds me of all my favorite guitar players. I am so glad I bought it. I listen to it every day and for some reason it never seems too get old.


Beautiful Sunrise is the first album to be released by BMB MUSIC PRODUCTIONS. This album is the best guitar based instrumental music that I have heard in a long time. It reminds me of things I have heard before, but then I realize that it is brand new. Music like this is the reason that I like music. The guitar playing reminds me of almost every one of my favorite guitar players. After finding out more about Bryan Marc I was astounded to hear that he plays all the instruments on the album. The difference between him and others that can play more than one instrument is that he is off the hook on all of them. I couldn't imagine how difficult that must be to do. Plus he is credited as engineer and producer. Over all the album Beautiful Sunrise has been an inspiration to everyone I personally know that owns a copy. I just know what I like and Beautiful Sunrise is IT!

The B.M.B. MUSIC PRODUCTIONS follow up album Bryan Marc Day Dreaming is nothing short of a psychedelic masterpiece. The guitar work is incendiary. Transcending time an space. I still can’t believe that this is only one person playing everything. The style is totally consistent through-out. It really sounds like it is from 1969. The sound is heavier than Beautiful Sunrise, but Day Dreaming proves that Bryan Marc isn’t going to go away soon.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bryan Marc Biography
Bryan Marc started playing piano at 3 years old. In a few short years this self-taught artist had leaned the bass, guitar, drums and piano. An aspiring musician, he began songwriting at the age of 14. Fresh out of high school he received his first professional training through the guidance of the John Payne Music School and the Berklee College of Music. Perfecting his craft through the bands Freakshow, The Brothers, Feedback, Resonate and his current project PeAk. Over the course of his 30 years of music, Bryan Marc has he has assembled over 300 individual tracks for sale.
In 2005, Bryan Marc developed BMB Music Productions. His first Independent record label, recording and graphic arts studio. It is through BMB Music Productions that Bryan Marc is able to provide his 23 CD Box Set “Multimedia Music“.

Compiled of 20 different albums, and three bonus compilation discs (available only with library purchase). Purchase also includes licensing up to 1,000 uses, tax free. Individual albums are available upon request.
With styles ranging from percussion to electronic, this library provides complete range of use.