Bryan Rumsey

Bryan Rumsey


I'm a singer/songwriter, I play entirely my own music, I'm proud of that. I've taught myself everything I know about music. I believe that am destined to one day be a successful musician.


After turning Twenty last may. I look back and I think about all of the things that I have already experienced and I think about what I may experience in the future, and my past. I've been playing Drums and percussion for about 12 years now. and it started in the band room of my sisters Junior high school in a small town on Vancouver Island. I taught myself on an old beater kit in the back room. I've been playing Acoustic guitar for about 5 years and it still makes me awe with how fast I've picked it up. I've lived and breathed for my 12 string Simon and Patrick Acoustic guitar through the creation of most of my work. It's been a long 5 years however, never taking a lesson for a thing in my life I've managed to pick up the guitar enough to create a few decent tunes. I have just finnished a demo, in fact it is titled "The Demo Sessions" check out my website to hear my original folk rock.


Soon You Will See

Written By: Bryan Rumsey

Rainclouds over us, in this world, in this life, and in this home. And I now know why people die, why people live, and why we cry. We are in the darkest time, of our lives and I don't know why. why bullets kiss, and bombs fly high, and why families stand over their sons and say goodbye.
Goodbye, Don't cry, Soon we will understand why.
Peoples hate flows like water, towards our fellow man, for what we do.
And what we have.
Trying to cope, and keep hope that soon we can live, Live in peace, and love thy neighbor and be his friend, before it's too late.
And we reach the end.
The end, my friend. Can you tell me...
Why I can't see clear, and why our loved ones can't be here. We're killing eachother and hurting our friends, theres no way
To justify this, forgive one another and look at yourself, and soon you will see.
The love.


The Demo Sessions- 2006

Shastone Studio Demos- 2005
Shastone "Acoustic"- 2004
Bus Stop Junkies- 2002

Set List

1. Boring Small Town
2. Soon You Will See
3. The Line
4. Behind The Wheel
5. Stories
6. Route 99
7. High School
8. Solong, Goodbye
9. To Ther Gunnels
1. Eve Of Destruction