bryan taylor

bryan taylor

 Katy, Texas, USA


what sets me apart
go to the noisehead cite listed-
i write instrumental rock on a compettitive basis-
not garage-
i have placed 8 times in the vh-1 song of the year contest
-ranging from finalist to semi-finalist to runner-up to honrable mention to suggested artist.
i admire the work of joe satriani and eric johnson-they are
individuals that have set the BAR for me-but i don't cover their work-it is all original. i have approximately 30,000
hits between both cites provided.


3 cd's
1)correlation is not causation
2)melancholy lane &
3)counter clock-wise

material that has received extensive streaming are as follows

1)as she waits
2)austin at 6th street
3)melancholy lane
4)outa here
5)just f'n around &
6)the movement