Bryant Barnett

Bryant Barnett


Bryant Barnett is a gifted and anointed gospel singer. Bryant’s music incorporates many different styles like classical, jazz, and R&B to create his own unique sound. Simply singing isn’t his only goal. He is on a mission to minister and change as many lives as he can.


Bryant Barnett is a “Church Boy” born in Livingston, New Jersey and raised in South Orange, New Jersey. As a child growing up, Bryant was drawn to music. He would always be heard singing around the house and seen sitting with his ear to the speaker of his parent’s old 8-track and record player stereo. His mother who in the late 70’s headed a group called “Charity” first introduced Bryant to singing. He first started singing in his family’s home Bible studies then in the church and school choirs.

Bryant attended Columbia High School and graduated class of 1996. During his senior year he became one of the founders of the Columbia High School Gospel Choir, along side the Fugee’s member Lauryn Hill. The choir is still very active.

His performance grabs the hearts of many as he sings with such compassion; such conviction; but most of all, a great anointing.

This versatile vocalist has performed with such notable greats as Lorraine Stancil, Nancey Jackson, Shirley Caesar, Vicki Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Tremaine Hawkins, In-A-Way and most recently; Tye Tribbett & Greater Anointed.
In April of 2003, he was voted the first New Jersey Nets’, New Jersey Idol; a competition sponsored by the New Jersey Net’s and held at the Meadowlands Arena full of spectators.


“I’m New” (2006)
Singles: Oh Jesus, Changed, Bless Him

Set List

The performance is 45 minutes. Includes the songs “Bless Him”, There’s a Garden”, “Changed”, “In Me”, “Oh Jesus” and other short traditional gospel songs.