bryant dunivan

bryant dunivan


i play a potent mix of indie, reggae, and rock, songs that require thought while they rally agaisnt the consumerist trends of today. just good music that makes you want your dancing shoes.


hello, i am bryant dunivan, a solo musician who puts together project bands to create music that i feel is important to get out. the current project band is called "dunivan + the myndliss crew" and we are striving to break down the boudaries created by the big music corporations, and turn the influence back to indie artists. ive been called the definition of indie by soundclash music zine, and i think that the line fits...however im not trying to tout that, just fill you in on whats been said. I yearn to create music that most people have never heard before, and on pretty much every record try to evolve the sound, while this is a good thing, it pretty much implies that everything you hear from me, is most likely nothing like anything youve heard before. thanks for checking my site, you can check out my the audio section for some links to previous free albums and new songs hosted on different sites.


the junior sessions - 2003
the senior sessions - 2003
the journey is over - 2005
liveadaptevolverepeat - 2006
playing for broke volume one - 2006
sometimes the underdog wins - 2008

to be released:
the chillhoons - self titled record - 2008
lighthouse on the horizon - untitled record - 2008
the rastones - live from the prac pad - 2009

Set List

song for coltrane to play
abuse of authority
georgies song
death of a philsopher
chilean lover
a flashback...
drunken disposition
skys dem falling'
by the numbers
a diamond and pearl
lately youve been lonely
take it down
dreamin about the weekend
friends through a screen
so i wrote
sometimes the underdog wins
wont fight your war
glorified images
hallmark day
the bond of vincent and theo
wronged you
another tragedy
who scared you
forgetting how to love