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"Bryant Dunivan Interview"

liveadaptevolverepeat - interview
interview by aaron pogue - reactor magazine

Bryant Dunivan is a reggae artist who has developed a stark version of modern reggae fusing today’s electronic precision drumming and sampling with old school bass lines and unaffected vocals. Reggae artists are always happy to talk about the process of making music as well as throw in a well-thought-out critique on society...

Reactor: Why reggae?

Bryant Dunivan: I just love the soul of reggae music, it can make you happy even during the worst of your days.

R: Do you perform all the music on LiveAdaptEvolveRepeat?

D: The music was performed by myself (bass + spiel), Bill Cage (keys + production), and Tim Fox (drums).

I’ve been playing the majority of shows solo, just me on acoustic guitar. It really has brought some different versions of the songs, and one or two of the songs are going to be played by the new project band live.

R: Describe your recording process, for example, “Sky’s Dem Fallin’.”

BD: The guitar loop is a sample of “Cut the Cake” by Average White Band. The drums are played mostly via the Octapad, the bass is the Fender Mustang again through the direct out with a kick mic balancing out the sound. The “saxophone” is from Bill’s Korg Triton. For this record it was recorded using Cakewalk Sonar 4.

R: In mainstream media, what ratio do you perceive as truth to bullshit?

BD: I think theres more bullshit in a lot of the stories then truth now a days, in a world controlled by ratings and pleasing the powers that be the line is becoming very blurred on it, that’s why I question everything I see, read, and hear, to become more aware of the facts and form my own view on it. Its also sad to see how many media outlets only care about the “stars” of the world.

R: What do you think is the musician's most important role in society?

BD: For me the musicians most important role is to make folks think. I also think musicians should inspire people to form their own bands

R: Where do you live, how old are you?

BD: I currently reside in Fort Myers Florida, and am 21 years old.

R: How does one find/listen/buy your music and/or contact you?

BD: For updates regarding my musical goings on you can check out: To hear sound clips you can find some at, and to purchase the record you can go to The album is also available on itunes, just search for dunivan and it should come up or you can get the direct link off of
- Reactor Magazine


the junior sessions - 2003
the senior sessions - 2003
the journey is over - 2005
liveadaptevolverepeat - 2006
playing for broke volume one - 2006
sometimes the underdog wins - 2008

to be released:
the chillhoons - self titled record - 2008
lighthouse on the horizon - untitled record - 2008
the rastones - live from the prac pad - 2009



hello, i am bryant dunivan, a solo musician who puts together project bands to create music that i feel is important to get out. the current project band is called "dunivan + the myndliss crew" and we are striving to break down the boudaries created by the big music corporations, and turn the influence back to indie artists. ive been called the definition of indie by soundclash music zine, and i think that the line fits...however im not trying to tout that, just fill you in on whats been said. I yearn to create music that most people have never heard before, and on pretty much every record try to evolve the sound, while this is a good thing, it pretty much implies that everything you hear from me, is most likely nothing like anything youve heard before. thanks for checking my site, you can check out my the audio section for some links to previous free albums and new songs hosted on different sites.