Bryan Therlin

Bryan Therlin

BandRockClassic Rock

Acoustic Classic ROck written from a Midwest American point of view and done with passion and honesty.


Bryan has been playing and writing for years without ever really having the people in his life support him, until he married his wife Rhonda who has encouraged him to follow the path of singer/songwriter.guitarist that he is. Bryan releasd his debut cd Simple Songs for COmplex Momnets in Spring of 08. It contains After The Rain which went #1 on internet radio station He released an EP called The Iowa Sessions in Spring 09 which contains 2 Number 1's in Cry You A Song and Back Home. Bryan stays true to his influences of Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Mellencamp and Jackson Browne as well bands like Zeppelin and Nazareth.


Simple Songs For Complex Moments-2008
The Iowa Sessions Ep-2009
Lots of airplay on internet radio stations and and tracks are available for listening at and airplaydirect

Set List

I can do a 30 minute set-a 60 minute set..I usually create the set for how much time I have. I don't usually d covers but if I do---it's something Dylan, Petty or maybe a Clapton acoustic tune. I more often than not stick to doig my own songs.