Bryan Ugartechea

Bryan Ugartechea


This music is a blend of jazz funk with a little bit of a Latin flavor. High intensity that keeps you grooving through the whole listen.


Invisible Sun is a project I've wanted to do for a long time. After playing bass with other bands as a side man I finally decided to take the reins and lead my own project. I got right to work writing and about eight month later I had some tunes that I felt myself and the other players could stand behind. Although I wasn't able to put all of the songs I prepared on this Cd, there will be plenty of material for the next Cd which I'm already exited about doing.
I have just finished my second CD that will be ready by fall. I recorded this one with some awesome musicians in Finland.


Bryan Ugartechea- Subtle Mood, Released Fall 2009

Bryan Ugartechea- Invisible Sun, Released in April 2007
All The songs have streaming and a couple have airplay.

Set List

All of my songs.