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Bryan Zive and Kol Echad

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"Performances in the URJ Camp System"

"Bryan has so much Jewish soul and passion that comes to life through his music....he captivates youth and adults, alike". - Ruben Arquelivich- Director of URJ Camp Newman-Swig

""It's No Dream" Album Review"

"It's No Dream is one solid album....something you should be very proud of. Rock on!" - Josh Nelson, producer and contemporary Jewish Musician

""It's No Dream" Album Review"

"Tapping into the latest Jewish contemporary sound, "It's No Dream" is well produced with beautiful, smooth vocals and is just the beginning of much more to come for Bryan Zive and Kol Echad"! - Marc Rossio, Jewish Children's Musician and Educator

"NFTY Youth Group Reviews"

"Bryan is energetic, inspiring, and encourages youth to get involved and participate in the services and song sessions. This allowed everyone to feel connected and left a lasting spiritual impression". - Carly Coons- Former NFTY-Missouri Valley President

"iTunes Member Review"

"Bryan's music is filled with heart and soul. If you like Jewish contemporary music, then you will love Bryan and his CD. His music is positive, upbeat and uplifting". - iTunes Member

"Newpaper Article/Review (2006)"

Bryan Zive is on his way to musical stardom.

He has his band. And he has his fans.

On Nov. 19, a crowd of singing, stomping and swaying children and teens and their teachers filled the Temple Israel sanctuary at a special concert for the religious school.

Granted, it was the day after Ohio State University’s football victory over the University of Michigan. And Zive, an Ohio State student, did keep asking the crowd to split up and chant, "O-H! I-O!"

But Zive, who is music education director at the temple, was thrilled with the enthusiasm of the crowd, which stayed for the concert even though religious school was over for the morning.

His band, the Bryan Zive Band — a working title — has a larger aim, he says. It’s to help build Jewish identity with the same spirit brought to Jewish summer camps.

The band echoes the spirit of contemporary Jewish musicians such as Debbie Friedman, who gave Jewish music a folkish spin and, more recently, Dan Nichols and his band, Eighteen, who use contemporary rock as their model.

"A lot of the music comes from liturgy that has touched me," Zive says. "And that’s the whole point: to combine it with music they might already listen to."
The band’s selections, played on acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums and bass, included Rock and Redeemer, taken from a prayer and set to music composed by Zive; V’al Kulam, played with sections of the popular song Give a Little Bit originally sung by Supertramp; and Hinei, played to the melody of the Dave Matthews song Everyday.

Zive, 24, is completing his degree in Jewish studies. The California native, inspired by his experiences as a camper and camp song leader, has worked for four years teaching music to youth at Temple Israel.

He became the temple’s music educator this year. Zive spends part of his instructional time teaching melodies to the religious-school youngsters.

But Zive wanted to do more with the music. He turned to some Ohio State friends for help. Ari Kessler, a keyboardist and buddy from the Alpha Epsilon Pi Jewish fraternity, rounded up a few of his musical mates from the university’s jazz studies department: Maxwell Button, a drummer; and Nate Smith, who plays bass.

The three musicians often play with other bands around Columbus and are used to switching styles, from Afro-Cuban to jazz, Brazilian and rock. Jewish music was no problem, they said. And they appreciated their youthful audience, which was more lively than listeners in many other venues.

"It’s modern rock," said Button. "It’s a positive-feeling type of gig. The music feels good."

Zive and his group play mostly at OSU Hillel. Sometimes Zive’s friend Mike Schwartz joins the band to help with vocals. The Nov. 19 concert was their first at Temple Israel. But the band hopes for more bookings.

The group is working on plans to record a CD. Meanwhile, Zive has recorded his own acoustic guitar demo.

"Eventually, I’d like to see us get on the camp tour," said Zive. - The New Standard, Columbus OH

"Clergy Review"

Bryan is a versatile and passionate Jewish musician, one of the most talented our Reform Movement has produced in the last decade. As a composer and performer of contemporary Jewish music, he has a spark that lights up any audience, children and adults alike. As an entertainer, he excels, but what's more, he is an educator who will bring your congregation together as a community. He is genuine, energetic, warm and inspiring and will have your audience clapping, moving to the music, singing along and smiling. You'll always remember a Bryan Zive and Kol Echad concert! - Rabbi Misha Zinkow, Temple Israel, Columbus Ohio


SINGLE: "Rock and Redeemer", NFTY Ruach 5769 (2009), URJ Transcontinental Music Publications

ALBUM: "It's No Dream" (2008), Kol Echad Entertainment, produced by Josh Nelson

ALBUM: "5 Song Demo" (2006), Kol Echad Entertainment, produced by Dan Green

ALBUM: "Shabbat Same'ach" (2003), LeDor Music/Kol Echad Entertainment, produced by Deborah Richman

Radio Airplay: Selections from "It's No Dream" played on XM/Sirius Radio Hannukah, 2008.



Bryan Zive and his band, "Kol Echad" (translated to English as "One Voice") brings a new unique style to the Reform Jewish movement. They have performed in various synagogues, camp institutes, Jewish Community Centers and Hillels across the United States.

Bryan began composing music in his late teens and has continued to produce contemporary musical interpretations of liturgy and Torah. His main goal is to combine people's love for music and Judaism to form an incredible spiritual foundation. He uses his music to set the mood for adults and children alike, merging traditional liturgy, Jewish themes and modern contemporary music to help them become more connected with their Jewish identities. His style has been compared to music composed by artists such as James Taylor, Ben Folds and Dashboard Confessional. "Kol Echad" began performing and leading prayer services in 2003 and have lead concerts or services in cities such as Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Denver and San Francisco. Bryan has also opened for the Rick Recht Band and has performed/led services with other Jewish musicians such as Dan Nichols, Mah Tovu, Danny Maseng and Rabbi Joe Black. In addition, Bryan has been the Head Songleader and Music Director at URJ Camp Newman-Swig and Goldman Union Camp Institute. He is currently Music Director of Temple Israel in Columbus, OH.

"Shabbat Same'ach", Bryan's first solo demo album that debuted in May 2003, consists of original liturgical melodies from Shabbat prayer services. "Mi Chamocha" and "V'ahavta" have become widely spread and are used in many regions throughout the United States, Canada and Israel. In June 2004, he released a five-song demo album, a collection of newly composed Jewish music that includes guest Jewish musicians Noam Katz and Marc Rossio. Songs such as "Angel" and "Hareiu" have already become hits and are currently used as normal repertoire in services and song sessions at camps and synagogues. Produced by Josh Nelson, Bryan and the band have released their first full-length Jewish rock Album, "Its' No Dream", which features tracks such as "V'al Kulam and "Angel". One of its tracks, "Rock and Redeemer", was chosen to be included on Transcontinental Music's Compilation release Ruach 5769.


The Beatles
Ben Folds
Dave Matthews Band
Goo Goo Dolls
Bob Dylan
Dan Nichols and E18teen
Harry Chapin
Pete Seeger
Jack Johnson
Counting Crows


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