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Bryce & Yata


Bryce & Yata play catchy, quirky, highly original acoustic folk music. Their songs feature clever, inventive, often hilarious lyrics, memorable melodies, and tight vocal harmonies. They sing about cannibal cows, dinosaur chickens, and how the whole world's runnin' on Sheer Caffeine.


“If you can't get up a head of steam... you're gonna have to make it on sheer caffeine.”

That's a line that Wisconsin songwriter Bryce Black says popped into his groggy brain "real early one morning" years ago, as he was desparately trying to wake up and rush off to his day job. Fortunately, that line stuck in his head and started percolating. Eventually it was brewed up into Sheer Caffeine, the energizing title cut on the eagerly awaited first recording recently released by Bryce and his long-time neighbor, friend and collaborator, Yata Peinovich.


Mad Cow

Written By: Bryce Black & Yata Peinovich

©2008 Bryce Black & Yata Peinovich
All Rights Reserved BMI
You are what you eat, but if you eat what you are,
this recyclin’ thing’s gone way too far.
If you’re the missing link in your own food chain,
ya know that I think it’s a cryin’ shame,
cuz you’ll be ravin’ while you’re dyin’/ as the microscopic prions
are eatin’ little holes in your brain

MAD COW-- It’s a dread disease
Somehow-- it turns your brain to cheese
Right now-- I hope we all agree
It seems like any fool should see
that a ruminatin’ animal/ turned to a cannibal
gets spongiform encephalopathy

One Canadian bossy came way down south
She was rollin’ her eyes and foamin’ at the mouth,
neurotic, psychotic and paranoid too
in need of a shrink to talk her through
her delusions of grandeur/ that all across the land her
story would be on the TV news


Gonna leave that feedlot now
got no use for an ol' mad cow
Where cows are all hormone deranged,
the people there are also strange

USDA say food still safe
we only found one little case
For all this fuss there's just no base
No need to put a Mad Cow test in place
like, across the Atlantic/ they did, in a panic
but we can trust the marketplace

chorus / instrumental + moo /final chorus

Sheer Caffeine

Written By: Bryce Black & Yata Peinovich

Sheer Caffeine
Words & music © 2008 Bryce Black and Yata Peinovich

Alarm clock squawkin' at the break of day,
My eyes won’t open but I need that pay.
My plugs won’t fire and my idle’s too lean--
Gonna have to make it on sheer caffeine.

Sheer caffeine, sheer caffeine
Might give you the jitters and make you mean
If you can’t get up a head of steam
You’re gonna have to make it on sheer caffeine.

Somehow I am able to stumble to the table
where I fumble for the label, and I open the can.
That earthy brown aroma can wake me from a coma
as it fills my humble home I wait with cup in hand... for...


All across the nation the sound of percolation
fills the air in preparation for another day.
Perpetually tired employees getting wired
out of fear of getting fired if they do not say-- YES to...

(Instrumental break)

Way down in parts Latino where they grow that coffee beano
some starving campesino’s sweatin’ as he picks
to keep the wheels of commerce turnin', all the spendin’ and the earnin’
depend on gringos yearnin’ for their daily fix... of...

Sheer caffeine, sheer caffeine
Might give you the jitters and make you mean
If you can’t get up a head of steam the whole world’s runnin’ on sheer caffeine.

Sheer caffeine, sheer caffeine
Might give you the jitters and make you mean
if you can’t get up a head of steam…
Every day you got to shake it
If you cannot fake it
you’re gonna have to make it
on Sheer Caffeine.


Bryce & Yata released their first CD in 2008: Sheer Caffeine. It's crammed with 13 witty and thought-provoking original songs. They range from wicked social satire and irreverent whimsy, to the profound, heartfelt meditation "Loving the Questions."

Several songs from the album have been played on Wisconsin Public Radio's Sunday evening program "Simply Folk." And several videos from our CD release concert can be seen on YouTube.

Sheer Caffeine was produced by Bruce Hecksel of the nationally known "Fast Forward Folk" duo Patchouli.

Yata has also collaborated on six other CDs: Artesian Dreams (1980); Boy with a Pail (1989); Mississippi River Blues (2002); Mad as the Mist & Snow (2004); Spirit of the Raven (2007); and Snow Has Fallen (2008).

Set List

Bryce & Yata play nearly all original songs. We can play one long set (1 1/2 to 2 hours) or two shorter ones (45 minutes to 1 hour apiece).

Typical recent set list:
Windmill Baby
Paragon Not
Look for Love
Burnin' a Hole
Stone Goose
Cocoa Butter
Music in the Outhouse
Loving the Questions
What I Need
Keep On Doin'
Follow Me
Wisconsin Waltz
Tractor Collector
Bucolic Splendor
The River
Mississippi River Rag
Sheer Caffeine
Mad Cow
Baler Twine
Mississippi River Chant