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I am an up and coming hip hop artist from LA by way of VA. My music is based on my life and the things i've been through. The thing that make it all so special is that it comes form the heart. I just want to tell my story. My past , present , and future.And I wont ever stop trying till im on top...



Born Johnathan Tatum on march 2, 1983 in 7 cities VA( aka Hampton Roads or Tidewater). He grew up for the most part, in a single parent home with his younger sister Ebony and his mother Rosalind.
It has always been said that he was a creative child with a lot of potential. Unfortunately like most children of low income housing he eventually gravitated to the streets. A life of crime consumed him for most of his teenage years being incarcerated for the first time at the age of 15.
In and out of the system in 2003 he was incarcerated with his father Steve (r.i.p) at Greensville correctional work camp. In 2004 He was released to only again engage in criminal activity that he was so well known for only this time he came out with a new talent. He could rap.
Word of his skill had already traveled from the penitentiary to the streets prior to his release . However despite the encouragement from his peers to pursue a career in rap , he still chose a life of crime.
In 2005 he was hit with the news that he was going to be the father of a baby girl by the name of Samaria (r.i.p). Unfortunately there were complications and she didn’t make it. However on the day of her passing he was yet again hit with the news that he was still going to be a father . There was another woman also pregnant with his daughter whom they named Neaveh T’Nes.
Upon the birth of Neaveh T’Nes, he got with some of his extended street family and formed” Lawst Colony” . They recorded a mixtape entitled” The Land of the Lawst” . He dropped his first 2 songs “Something About You” feat. De Rico and “Cell Muzik” feat. DC DA PayPa Boi .
Before long chaos set in and his world began to swam with criminal charges, warrants, court, and street violence. The group disbanded and he got robbed with a house full of small children present. No charges were filed and no one was hurt. Feeling like he only had one chance to make a life for his daughter and her brother DJ(same mother diff. father), he left for Atlanta leaving his family behind to pursue his rap career and adopted the name Bryce Yung ( derived from his nickname in the streets Yung Fresh and the name of the man he made his first 10 grand with Bobby Brice).

Armed with only two songs and a notebook full of rhymes he was ill prepared for the road ahead. Stranded in Atlanta, with no help ,all alone, he returned to the only thing he knew the grind. Then he got the news he left an extra mouth to feed behind. His girl Erica was yet again pregnant with his son Bryce Theodore. Eventually he got in touch with a friend in California who made room for him. Over the course of 5 years starting in 2008, he recorded a duet mixtape entitled “PNC” with California underground rapper LIL Cassanova. His first live onstage performance was on the Hollywood strip at the luxurious and exclusive night club “The Boulevard” with twin California tap dance sensations Sean & John. He took a short trip back to Georgia where his family was waiting for him in augusta. They had a small townhouse in Richmond county . Then he got the call that he would be needed back in California for a lil wayne video shoot for his song “Prom Queen” scheduled for only days after Bryce Theodore was born.
Reluctantly in hopes that this might be his shot , he left hastily only spending a day or two with his new born son. A choice which damaged his relationship with his family. He never made the lil wayne video shoot but he ended up landing a role as a background extra in Mariah Carey and the Dream’s video for their hit single “My Love”.
He goes on to open up for acts such as west coast legend Suga free, willie of day 26, Trey Songz, Jim Jones, Glasses Malone, and Jay Rock just to name a few. With the lack of any help, he goes on to release two more mixtapes entitled “ Bugatti Bryce The Veyron Spyder Mixtape” and “Payday(Countdown to the heist)”. These mixtapes embodied struggle and really tells his