I am a solo singer/songwriter, I write all my own songs and perform/write all the instruments heard on them with cubase occasionally with assistance from other musicians. Influences range through many periods and people in the 20th and 21st century, but I take my cue from integral songwriters and producers such as Bob Dylan, Lieber/Stoller, Lou Reed, Brian Wilson, Phil Spector etc. Above all I aim to nourish my own unique sound as it evolves adapts and share it with as many people as will listen

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This House Was Once A Home

Written By: Brynley Pfull

This room is full of windows, walls that I can't remember
And this mess just seems so unfamiliar
You can see that someone used to live here
A long long time ago

Well lately my home has been the stars at night
The balconies and the roads outside, on my own
And this house was once a home
It isn't anymore, like it was before

Roaming, driving, finding somewhere else
Because prison is a place I can't stand

Now that I'm out the fresh air tastes so sweet
And the birds, the birds sing so freely
It might be sad but I left the ground behind
And I'm never looking back

No i'm never, i'm never looking back
Never, never, never, no never looking back
Because I'm never going home
No I'm never going home
No I'm never going home
No I'm never going home
No I'm never going home