An eclectic mix of modern day folk, independent rock, and classic singer/songwriters, Bryon White has a varied musical past that blends genres across a century of musical influences.


Bryon White has been performing music for the past decade in multiple genres and in many different capacities. From red dirt country to full out rock and roll, Bryon has become at home with his own brand of singer/songwriter folk music. He writes songs about stories, experiences, and historical events that have given him reason to explore their lyrical potential. A devout student of the works of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, Bryon channels the past through vivid imagery and carefully woven stories. He has performed numerous times with national-touring folk musicians, including close friend and touring singer/songwriter Don Conoscenti. A true passion for music and its historical connection, Bryon White creates an atmosphere with each and every performance, no matter the size or surroundings.


1. "A Collection of Songs in E (or B)" EP (with The Mr. Shannons) 2002
2. "Temperance and Control" LP 2003
3. "Rescue City" (as Airfair) EP 2004
4. "Live at Stage Center" LP 2007

Set List

Set list varies based on performance requirements and time constraints. Cover songs are varied and generally do not exceed one or two per set. Bryon is capable of performing around 3 hours of music total, spread out through reasonable sets as required by the performance.

Please note that this is not an ordered list.

1. Emergency Exit Only!
2. Through
3. Mary
4. Life in Reverse
5. The Iceman (the Ballad of R. Kuklinski)
6. Winchester
7. (Bring Back Uncle) Tupelo
8. The Kirkbride Theory
9. Words for Wear
10. Good Little Soldier
11. Mary, Sweet Mary
12. Audrey's Broken Promise
13. Son of a Virtue
14. Dead End
15. Another Story
16. Time and Distance
17. Two Wrongs
18. Dave Walker
19. The Quiet
20. So Soon
21. Montreal