Bryony Marie Fry

Bryony Marie Fry


My music is forever evolving from song to song, a mix of strong melodic hook lines and choruses infused with my childhood love of acoustic folk. All songs are lyrically poetic and soulful.... a boistrous soulful folk if you will : )


Started off learning the flute at school a round 9 years old, as my father is a musician. He was very enthusiastic about irish folk music which led me to joining him playing session music in pubs....folk festivals were a natural progression where i learnt to play the bodhron, guitar, penny whistle and started busking along promenades and playing in pubs until 3am before i was even 12!

I've been writing my own songs since before all of the above and have every original piece of paper with the lyrics written on that i keep very sentimentally. I write about everything that goes on in my life and lay myself completely bare with my honesty at times. whether it's deep dark and sombre or simply about getting a flat in london with friends and my fat faced cat!

I've been gigging for years and have been lucky enough to play Glastonbury twice, 2010 being the 2nd time and it's next month! : ) also playing many other smaller festivals such as endorseit in dorset and longest day festival in brighton.
I've supported many people including alessi's ark, kid harpoon, charlotte o'conor, karima francis, jay jay pistolet, sixnationstate, thomas tantrum, band of skulls (when they were previously fleeing new york but all original members), Peggy sue, and many more,,,,,

my next aim is to get as much exposure as possible, gig as much as i can and keep writing and writing and playing and playing as it's what i do best : )


i have not yet been signed or released an ep.... i have had music played on a south west france radio station french fliers....