Bryte MC

Bryte MC

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS
BandHip HopFunk

Bryte is an established Hip Hop artist based in Perth. Coming from a troubled background he found methods of expression through beatboxing and freestyle rap. Honing on his skills he trained his mind for creative rhyming. Adulthood saw him lose interest in petty crime and he became focused on his career as an emcee.


Bryte is an established Hip Hop artist of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage based in Perth, Western Australia. As a youth rising from Brisbane's low socioeconomic spectrum, his experiences with petty crime and saw him consumed by the cheap and easily accessible creative outlet of street graffiti art.

It was during this time that Bryte discovered new ways of expressing himself through the artistic avenues of Hip Hop. Beatboxing and freestyle rap battles were an inexpensive way for Bryte and his friends to hone in on their rap skills and train their minds for creative rhyming.

Soon Bryte became driven to perform and met like minded Hip Hop artists. His focus gave him a desire to advance his dream career as a youth role model and renowned Australian Hip Hop artist. In 2007 Bryte moved to Perth in an attempt to take his career to new heights, attending music studies at Western Australia's ABMUSIC College and setting out to release his debut album, Full Stop, which won the 2009 Too Solid Award for Urban Album of the year. 

Urban Art Workshops have helped Bryte to stay in touch with his roots and continue to pursue his passion for helping those who have seen troubled times, along with those who seek to improve their skills as professional artists.
In March 2013 Bryte released his full second album titled ‘Bryte Side Of Life’. Soon after, Bryte was nominated for Hip Hop Artist Of The Year both at the 2013 Deadly Awards and the National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMA’s). 

Along his road to Hip Hop greatness, Bryte has supported and or played alongside many influential national and international acts; such as Thundamentals, Q-tip, Drapht, Scribe, Hunter, Mantra, Savage, Pigeon John, Layla & Dazastah, Optamus and Hopsin just to name a few.

Bryte simply plans to seize every opportunity with two hands and continue to make music that inspires others to open their minds and fight for a better life.

Set List

From Album One:
1. Full Stop
2. Green Eyed Monsters
3. Early Report
4. Step Into The Line
5. Shape The Way

From Album Two:
1. On The Bongs
2. Got Ya Goin' Like
3. Brainwash
4. World On Strike
5. My Way Of Living
6. Big Bitches
7. Bryte Side Of Life

From Up-coming Album (Dark Side of Bryte)
1. Licence To Kill
2. Charred Remains