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September 20th 2007 BS101 releases their double album entitled Bee Ass Won Oh Juan. The show was crazy with an incredible amount of positive feedback. - Basement Artists

The Magic that is BS101 is not easily explained. They are boisterous, loud, vulgar, costumes performers that have a knack for getting their audience to stop and stare.

I had the pleasure to catch their performance on September 20th, 2008 at The Babylon Club during an art show hosted by the Basement Artists, and I don't think I will ever forget what I saw that night. The high energy band played several songs from their new album, and each was a lyrical train wreck, lending credit to the band's name (BS101 stands for Bad Songwriting 101). The delivery of these songs however was flawless. The song Nuns With Guns for example saw an attractive, habit clad woman dancing about on stage with a sliver pistol. Partway through the show we were introduced to the Giant Bannana, a mascot that danced about and "violated" the lead singer during his song.

BS101 know the value of showmanship, and they also know their target audience very well. Their rendition of a certain Will Smith television theme song was fantastic, and singing songs about Timmy Hoes and Nintendo games only makes them more appealing to the 20 something Canadian. Their music is solid, and thier energy is high, all these guys need to break into the big time is a little support from thier fans and a really open minded record label.
- Thomas McGregor


Full Length Albums:
- Bee Ass Won Oh Juan
- Satan Has Us By The Left Testicle (And We Like It)
- Live In Budokon Japan

Compilation Albums:
- Like Nobodies Business Vol. 1 + 2

Singles Include:
Tig Bitties, Enrique Eglasias, Nintendo Power, The Big Time, Kay Dee, and Cougar Mania.



We are proud to announce the well anticipated release of a double album by "Bad Song Writing One Hundred and One"--- consisting of 99 tracks and 74 minutes of audio.
This colossal monstrosity of an album is divided into two distinct sections.....
Side A: Bee Ass Won oh Juan - 100% Brand new studio tracks!!!
Side B: Live in Budokon Japan - 2007 live and sold out performance at the world renowned Budokon hall.

Since its humble beginnings, BS101 has developed their music career independently. This sophomore double album is proof that BS101 is without a doubt the worlds best kept secret!
Take a listen!!! Enjoy it... Or ...hate it… Either way, you are guaranteed a reaction of some kind or your money back.
If this music touches you in any way, feel free to contact BS101 and let us know how you feel. We love feedback. We want you to enjoy this product as much as we did creating it.

For more information on BS101 visit the following links:

You can also type in BS101 on for produced videos and live video footage. Fully produced videos are available for the following songs: Kay Dee, Stalker Song, Nintendo Power, Cougar Mania, and Do The Chicken Dance. Simply search for those titles on the site.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We love you even though we’ve never met.