Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Never have you met a rapper this comfortable being himself lyrically. So much so, even when he expresses his shortcomings and embarrassments in life they still seem "Too Cool"


Frederick Brandon Sams, better known by his stage name and alter ego, B.Sams, is a rapper that dual-wields both his hometown Pittsburgh, PA and his current residence Atlanta, GA as reputable foundations to his career in hip-hop.

As a youngster, Sams listened to Pittsburgh’s Erroll Garner in the living room, and then Slim Shady under his bed. Now, he brings his listeners a broad range of emotion, perception, and musical reverence. His first freestyles not only describe confusion, hopelessness, and stress, but boast it, while fondly remembering what it was to be happy.

With Budget Dreams (April 21, 2011), a maturing B.Sams makes his official debut to the hip-hop community—imagining success with thin paychecks, missed meals, and impossible determination.

While Frederick Sams is a product of life’s struggles, disappointments, and mixed fortune, B.Sams is the provocative and enduring force that keeps Sams alive.

“I guess it’s ‘cause I’m used to my mistakes.” –B.Sams


Budget Dreams - April 21 2011
UnderAged - Fall 2011

Set List

Alcoholics Anonymous
Listen To Me
Seasons change
What Up
About My Flow
Too Cool