B-Side Breakdown

B-Side Breakdown


A mix of real funk, blues, and rock that forms a refreshing and original sound. Our live sound matches if not exceeds our studio work and we end each set with fans and venues asking for more.


It all started on the 6th floor of Galloway Hall during their freshman year at UNCW...Ben Ochoa found Keith Butler, Sam Candio, former rhythm guitarist Will Hendricks, and former singer Andrew Asaki to form a band to play for Wilmington's Rock Against Rape benefit concert. The band showed promise after that first concert and decided to stick together and make great music. B-Side Breakdown now consists of 4 music heads that are out to show the world what good music is all about.

"B-Side Breakdown is a funk/rock/blues band that takes pride in their unique ability to mend three completely different genres to form their own sound. With influences ranging from all over the musical spectrum, you never know what to expect next when seeing them live. Bringing energy and passion to the stage and recordings, B-Side Breakdown is quickly becoming known throughout their hometown, Wilmington, NC."


The B-Side Breakdown EP (2010)

Set List

Our set typically consists of 12-13 songs. Originals and covers.

Set List:

Opening Jam
Down N' Town
Beautiful Brazil
Seasonal Dysfunction
Be Mine
Never Known
Hold on, I'm Comin' (Cover)
Roller Coaster of Love (Cover)
Soul But No Honey