B-Side Effect

B-Side Effect


"We become art in our music and so do you"


Santa Ana, CA, 92704
Autodidactic, True, Audi Alteram Partem, and Honest


the car chase

Written By: Teresa M.

I can't help it
my mind's eager
My intentions are all over the place
But as long as I'm going there's no slowing
right at this point I have what it takes
From lane to lane I keep on switching
you're out of my way

and it's not a surprise
sirens and flashing lights
pull up on my side..
are you ready for the car chase

do you think you know?

Written By: Teresa M. and Randy J.

he seems really nice at first
but once you get on his bad side
he'll tear you down quite socially
he'll paint you up an ugly thing
he'll draw them in with his good side
he'll point out who they should demise
manipulation is his key
to keep his friends burried underneath

but hey, do you think you know what you're doing?
cause i see what you're doing
do u think you know what you're doing?
do you think you know?
cause i see just what you're doing and how you go about these things
do you think you know what you're doing?
do you think you know?

She came home one afternoon
so talkative
so out of tune
her eyes were glossed her foot did twitch
on other days she seemed real sick
she'd lock herself up in her room afraid to come out way to soon
i haven't seen her not at all
she likes to hide
when I stop by


4 Track Demo: Sound Matrix Sessions Dec. 2nd 2006
EP in the making (March 2008)

Set List

Typical set is 30 minutes. We do have enough songs to fill in an hour. We dig improvising too, those are some of the best songs!

Standard E-Tuning
1. This System Will Not Work
2. Do You Think You Know
3. The Car Chase
4. Have I
5. Stupid Love Thing
6. On Your Own
8. Give into Me
10. The Voyeur
11. If Love wants us
12. See Me
13. Behind The Gun
14. Clinging

Open G-Tuning
1. And He Screams Jacob
2. Dumb To Numb
3. Three Times The Wrong Way
4. Noise Part 1
5. Noise Part 2