B-Side Logic

B-Side Logic


A triuverate of rock power that evades the standard blah, blah, blah descriptive norm yet maintains pop appeal so that girls will like us... i mean them. We are a band that "fits in" with most every band, Acoustic or Electric, Hard or Soft


Sick of cold showers and lonely Friday/Saturday nights, founding members Chris Richardson and Ozzie Cruse, formed what could be called 'fetal' B-side Logic between day jobs, film festivals and some other bands.
While this incarnation laid the tracks for Chris and Ozzie to start writing and playing acoustic shows.
Realizing acoustic bands get little to no action our two young heroes began what would prove to be their second most difficult challenge (first was finding this illusive action).
After auditioning drummers for months the boys finally settled on Alex Traum, an accomplished studio drummer from Ontario... then he died, just kidding. Actually Scott James was then brought into the fold to complete the B-Side Logic we know and hump today.
After a year or so of song crafting and playing shows with the current line up b-side head for the studio were the Chocolate EP was spawned.
Over the years we've shared the stage with a variety of local and touring acts, the ability to play just about all styles allows us to ‘bring down the house’, any house!


Chocolate EP

Set List

Setlist vary according to venue and other acts.
We have very few cover songs that will pop up:
Whirlpool - Seal
Life on Chain - Pete Yorn
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead