"This is the best live band I have seen in a long time" -Olafur Pall, radiopresenter at Ras2 National Radio. B.Sig is a group of five hard working musicians that play raw and simple blues-rock that is mellodic and free from sounding pretentious or over produced.


"This is the best live band I´ve seen in a long time" -Ólafur Páll, radiopresenter at Rás2 National Radio.

The history of the group started in Liverpool,UK, in 2005. The leadsinger Bjarki Sigurdsson was studying in Liverpool at the SAE Institute where he met bass player Ingi Ingason. They became good friends and started to exchange musical ideas. After coming back home to Iceland in 2006, Bjarki then got in touch with the brothers, Börkur Hrafn and Daði Birgisson who had just quit in their band, called Jaguar. The brothers, already with high reputation in the Icelandic music community, founded Jaguar in early 90's. Jaguar was a very succeful funk-band in Iceland, and also played internationally. They played for example in the famous Jazz-café in London and also in Central park NY, they also did a warming up session for James Brown and Maceo Parker. Jaguar was also the first band to be signed up by Freestyle Records in UK and had a song on Acid Jazz UK record. The brothers decided to leave their baby, and change musical direction. It turned out to be a perfect timing. After Bjarki had introduced the guys to couple of homerocording demos, there was no turning back. The drummer Kristinn Snær, from one of Iceland's most successful band at the time, Hjálmar, was added to the band. It was the final puzzle and some studio sessions later, they had already recorded their demo album.
After their recordings were mastered by the Grammy Award Winner and highly respected Mr. Bob Katz, the band got an independent label contract and released their debut album, Good Morning Mr. Evening, in 2007. The record received excellent reviews from critics in Iceland and reached to nr. 3 in the charts, despite no commercial campaign what so ever. The record led to live gig series, and the band quickly became known as one of Iceland best live bands around. The band is now planning their next album and are already in their studio. The first single of the new album, Evening brakes/ All is lost, has already had several air play time, including at Iceland’s most popular radio station, Rás 2. They are curently playing numerous of gigs around Iceland and are now ready to let the world hear a little bit more.

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Written By: BSig

baby take me where you want me, take me up on your bed. out to the hotel window, so we can paint it re. i´ll tell you who wants it. I.

hold me when you´re coming, i wanna take you for a ride. wanna take you home, i wanna kiss you all night. who wans to take it further baby, me. I.

you don´t have to say you love me, you don´t have to treat me right. as a matter of fact if you wanna hate me, just keep me satisfied. and who will keep you coming (and who will love you), me baby. I

cme one step closer, so you can smell my neck. get on your knees girl, and well...

The Lucky Man

Written By: B.Sig

old man have you heard about the lucky man ? he came with his herd into town, yeah the lucky man.

he threw it all way, yeah he threw it all away. came in may. ran out yesterday. yeah he threw it all away.

oh no, i heard today he made it to the great. oh no, yeah i heard he won´t be back the lucky man.

It´s True

Written By: B.Sig

it took me time to turn my eyes on you, but i got there in the end.

but in two weeks time, this heart of mine, can´t afford that you pretend.

so i say to you, if you don´t want me too, honey tell it to my face.

because i want more, and to make is sure, i´ll tell you just in case.

that it´s true
...what i say to you !

but if you turn me down, i´ll stand right up from the ground, and walk away without to say a word to you. i won´t feel blue at all.

but if you turn me on, i´d like to live another day, where the sun will shine through the night. i´ll walk with you that way.

cos it´s true
...what i say to you !


Good Morning Mr.Evening LP(Released 2007)
Evening brakes/all is lost. Single(Released 2008) (Radio airplay)
I (Radio airplay)
The Lucky Man (Radio airplay)
Please (Radio airplay)
You Could Be My... (Radio airplay)
It´s True (Radio airplay)
Highway Blues (Radio airplay)

- All songs and lyrics by B.Sig

Set List

Last September
My love
Before I die
I see
Evening brakes/all is lost
Heart full of fire
Lucky man
Big man´s blues
Highway blues
Act now
Be Riffic
Basic Stroke and his lovely wife
Fly to my window
It´s true
It´s good to be back
Suicide blues
C´mon On Your Own
On and On
Young blood
The last song
State of mind