New York City, New York, USA

He is a singers singer, rock, pop, dance, soul, gospel and r&b rolled into one. Think Gaga, Adam Lambert, Prince & Sylvester. His stage presence is electrifying.


B. SLADE (formerly known as) TONEX has released several hundred songs on 24 albums over a span of 14 years, while producing several others for both gospel and secular artists. He has won 7 Stellar Awards, a GMA Award, and received 2 Grammy nominations: one for Best Soul Gospel Album for his 2004 gold album, Out The Box and another in 2009 for Best Urban/Soul Alternative Performance for his single, Blend,
from his 2009 mainstream album, Unspoken.

His musical efforts have been known to blend a smorgasbord of styles, including pop, r&b, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, rock, latin, electro, punk and trance, and has created a distinct sound and eclectic style of music.

When the annals of the past cross with the endeavors of the future, the many situations and occurrences have a chance to mingle and compare themselves to each other either to determine co-relativity or simply which lessons have been learned. This fellowship usually brings about an other-worldly and yet grounded
reaction. Today, we'll call this cataclysmic result: B. Slade.

A reclusive extrovert, B. Slade has gone through this very same pseudo-scientific formula. He's examined the wiles of his past and analyzed, over-analyzed, and ultra-analyzed how his future would and would not benefit from them. On a musical level, his genius has always remained in tact through the years, but the
confines of the music industry have always stifled his genius from showing its true form, hence the reclusive extroversion.

Having slaved in this musical sweat-shop for years, the enigma developed a new creation in the form of B. Slade; a brash, limber, extravagant, sexy, ultra-ego who's as apologetic as a justified middle-line-backer. His inspiration comes from life, art, sex, and the expressions of each, giving viewers and listeners much more
than their eyes and ears bargained for. Once a timid Dr. Jekyll, B. Slade effortlessly slides into the role of Mr. Hyde with a swerve of the hips, a flip of the hair, and a squall that only an eagle would rival.

Many skeptics were at first unsure of this new image. The doubts were immediately assauged during the first appearance of B. Slade in June 2010, where he was unleashed upon the anxious audience at GreenHouse in New York City. B. Slade's first agenda of the night was to lure the crowd in with a rousing
performance, then make love to their eyes and ears, and finally give them a night cap in the form of The Parking Lot.

The masses were shocked, pleased, and pleasured. There is speculation, however, as to what exactly makes up this concoction known as B. Slade. Is it simply freedom of expression or freedom in oppression? Is he here to lead us or is he simply here to help us lead ourselves? The mystery surrounding his purpose and motive is unclear, but the results are deafening...and
defining. What is to come from B. Slade is unknown, but those who follow have their clues.

On June 9, 2010, he released what would be his final mixtape under Ton3x, the iTunes only release "The Parking Lot". The mixtape was also distributed in NYC that night after what would be his final performance.

Taking on his new persona "B. Slade", he released a brand new mixtape of original material, "A Brilliant Catastrophe" (a sequel to his jazz album, "The London Letters"), which was released on October 1st, 2010, his late father's birthday as a free download.

B. SLADE's appearance has included extremely conservative suits with close cropped hair, outlandish, flamboyant garb with feather boas, fur coats, punk-inspired multi-colored hairstyles, Sanjaya-like headpieces, Stevie Wonder-style dreadlocks and also platform shoes, that brought to mind the "glam" rock
bands of the 1970s and 1980s.

On September 30, 2010, now referred to as B. SLADE, he debuted the song and video "Get Over You" on Youtube. Billed as a "Sylvester Screen Test", the song and video is reminiscent of the late 70's/ early 80's dance and club music scene.

B.SLADE produced the opening song for the hit PARAMOUNT TV Show "One on One", "Off We Go" on Sony Pictures J-LO/Ben Affleck film "Gigli", HBO Films "Prison Song" starring Q-Tip and Mary J. Blige, and produced a song for BET Films original movie "The Walk". The track "The Good Song 2005", a remake of
the song "The Good Song" off of his mainstream debut album Pronounced Toe-Nay, was included on the soundtrack of the movie XXX: State Of The Union starring Ice Cube; he has also been a cast as a member for the upcoming motion picture "Player's School" (www.Myspace.Com/PlayersSchool &
www.PlayersSchoolMovie.Com), which is slated to co star: Tom Green; Michael Colyar; Paul Wall, Buckeey,Serious,Smiley & Pumpkin (Flavor of Love/Charm School); Kurtis Blow & D.L. Hughley & Bobby Lee. The movie is being Produced & Directed by Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips.

B.SLADE(TM) has been seen on various BET programs, CNN, INSIDER, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, TBN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Motow


* 1994: Silent X: The Self Confrontation
* 1995: Damage
* 1997: Pronounced Toe-Nay (underground release)
* 1999: Personal Jesus (Remixes)
* 2000: Pronounced Toe-Nay (international release)
* 2000: Circu$$
* 2001: Tonéx Presents MSS Dynasty: The Hostile Takeover
* 2002: O2
* 2003: The O'ryn Project: Figure 'O Speech
* 2003: Protranslutionary
* 2003: Oak Park 92105 (underground release)
* 2003: Remyx: Pronounced Ree-Mix
* 2004: Out The Box
* 2005: Ain't Remyx
* 2005: Oak Park 92105 (iTunes release)
* 2006: Oak Park 921'o6
* 2006: Banganyn EP
* 2006: The London Letters
* 2007: Oak Park 921'o6 Japanese Import
* 2007: Stereotype: Steel & Velvet
* 2008: T.Bizzy: The Album
* 2008: Banganyn Remyxes
* 2008: Tonéx Presents T.R.O.N. (The Ryderz of Nureaumerica)
* 2008: The Naked Truth
* 2008: Bapost.o.g.i.c.
* 2008: Rainbow EP
* 2009: TEMET NOSCE Nag Champion Mixtape
* 2009: Unspoken
* 2009: Circu$$ (Exclusive Digital Release, Final Configuration)
* 2009: OakPark 921'06 (Digital Release)
* 2009: Baposto.g.i.c. Mixtape (Digital Tracked Version)
* 2009: Personal Jesus: Remixes (Digital EP)
* 2009: Dancefloor Arsonists: The JACK5ON Magic Tribute Myxtape (MySpace Exclusive)
* 2010: The Parking Lot (iTunes™ Only Release)
* 2010; A Brilliant Catastrophe (The London Letters Part II)

[edit] Singles

* 1997: "Personal Jesus"
* 1999: "One Sunday Morning"/"For The Life Of Me"
* 1999: "Mad"
* 2000: "Personal Jesus"
* 2002: "Bout A Thang"
* 2002: "That's When"
* 2002: "God Has Not 4Got"
* 2004: "Doesn't Really Matter"
* 2004: "Make Me Over"
* 2004: "Since Jesus Came" / "Todos Juntos"
* 2006: "Banganyn"
* 2006: "Fail U"
* 2007: "Joy"
* 2009: "Blend"

[edit] Awards

GMA Award (formerly known as Dove Awards)

* 2003: Urban Album of the Year for Souljahz's The Fault Is History (Warner Bros.)[14][15]

Stellar Awards

* 2003: Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year for O2[16]
* 2005: Artist of the Year for Out The Box[17]
* 2005: Song of the Year for "Make Me Over"[17]
* 2005: Contemporary Male Vocalist of the Year for Out The Box[17]
* 2005: Contemporary CD of the Year for Out The Box[17]
* 2005: Urban/Inspirational Performance of the Year for Out The Box[17]
* 2005: Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year for "Thank Q" from Out The Box[17]

Set List

01. Brian's Lament
02. You
03. BSFF
04. A Brilliant Catastrophe
05. Love U Long Tyme
06. I Get Lonely (all live)
07. Feedback
08. Incense & Candles
09. The Parking Lot
10. Get Over You