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Many artists struggle to find their musical identity. They take years trying different musical styles and looking to find what fits them as an artist and as an image. But there are others who emerge fully formed, charging in full command with their craft, and whose music feels familiar in the best possible way while taking his masses to unchartered territory. BSmoove fits firmly in the latter category. His mix-tape "I Still Feel Sum Type of Way" proves a point as he pours his blood, sweat, and tears out on each track and the game is not ready for his arrival!

As a kid growing up in New York in a small section called Harlem, he loved listening and reciting music as a child. As he reached his teenage years, BSmoove began clinging to musical influences such as Ma$e, Cam, The Lox, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, and Diddy. Most would coin them as artists that created the "97 Era", but for BSmoove they were more than an era… They were the beginning of a legacy. The budding artist started writing music, but for a while he kept it to himself. Eventually it became a time when he was not interested in nothing else, but writing music. He would practice performing to himself in front of a mirror challenging the fear that no one would take him serious. Though the young Harlem teen realized that music was beginning to be a force in his life, BSmoove did not consider music as a serious venture until he reached his mid 20s. He explained, "I never thought music can take me far until right before my eyes, all my childhood friends started getting deals and major recognition from their music. Watching them have success really became a reality to me.”

BSmoove recalls his first recording with his best friend, Oun P, from the Bronx, “I had everybody saying "I feel some type of way" one day in the studio when Oun had a session and he just challenged me to do a song with that title. He promised to jump on it and it started from there.” All the good feedback from friends and family made him fall in love with the idea that he too could be a music artist. Consequently, BSmoove sought to slowly step from behind his best friend’s shadow and began recording 20 songs for his first mixtape, "I Feel Some Type of Way" and helped promote his childhood crew OOH-WAY as an independent label.

Rapping over instrumentals and plainly reciting simple hooks are not things to look for in this underground Hip Hop artist. BSmoove inhabits his music and lives each line out by making his life a three-dimensional telescope for his listeners. “I Feel Sum Type of Way” is building to be a widely recognized mixtape that is the culmination of both where he’s been and where he's going. The young, Harlem artist is sure to win the notoriety that is demanded by the depth and quality of his songs. BSmoove is currently in the studio sharpening his craft and working on new material. But one could only imagine what treasure he is about to unearth!