BandHip Hop

First let me tell you the meaning of U.G.L.Y.W.O.R.L.D. coming from an inspirational side of life.Under God Lives You With Out Redemption Lies Death.He who has the knowledge to figure it out ...then figure it out.There's 11 of us all together.Check out how strong 1 of us are!!!!!


To me my influences are the ones able to keep me alive.Thank You Jesus!!!Take me to my next step.Our mental concept sets us apart from other worlds.We create our own sound all the way to mixdown.U.G.L.Y.W.O.R.L.D. started by my homeboy having a vision while sleeping about this ugly world we live in.He saw death crawling from all corners of his life and i told him that I would bring it alive for him.From 2000 til we are rockin places every where we go independent style.I can say that I am a Virginia,Richmondzenter.I was born in Boston and raised all over claim Va. b-cuz I been there longer.I personally have seen some the world by traveling on ships.I have seen my share of pain and those are people I can get along with.Reasons is, you dont know what its like to wake up and get dressed and walk a mile in my shoes.Be on the look out for the U.G.L.W.O.R.L.D. fam.
B-Steelz's birth name Robert Way was discovered in Boston, Mass. by his senior. My cousins and friends encouraged me to be a loner, by doing so, I have come across many abstract characters who gave their opinions which caused a chemical reaction with my cousins and family to cause pain and torment in my life. My Grandmother was and is the greatest inspiration in my W.O.R.L.D.
I decided after my moms moved to Atlanta,Ga. to git down with music.I was about 11.The V 103 radio station was bangin every Friday and Saturday on the basket ball court.LL.Cool J,Run DMC,M.C. Shan,Big Daddy Kane,Marley Marl,Craig G,Kool G Rap, Kool Moe Dee,UTFO etc. My boy Nate Ryles use to breakdance while cold kilt the mic.I enjoyed those years.
Then we moved to Birmingham,Al. The place of the down south killaz.I really learned alot there,but to me there were no oppurtunities for me to make a move.So I had to wait.
Finally a place that I can git down with.Ricmond,Va.It was the Grek Shows that did it.My game enhanced 100fold.Gittin in clubs at 13 dropping rhymes I wrote at the crib,freestylin,the whole 9.My boyz were there Lee Bryant,his little bro. Reggie Bryant,Chris Brownlee,Lavar Jefferson and Raheem.We did alot of music.Stay Up Yall it wont be long now.
This take me to Ohio where I met some very musiccally inclined ladies and gentlemen.The names you can read in the line up.The door knob is being turned homies,somebody push!!!Much love to all my friends and family yall really know who you are.Remember ,It's an U.G.L.Y.W.O.R.L.D. that we live in....the type you wouldnt wanna raise your kids in.....words from M.I.A.... sincerely yours Steelz..


Dr.!!! M.I. Sane???,ONANUVALEVO,Str8 From Tha Undaground,1,000 Year Reign,Last Dayz We have our music playing in various places around the U.S.A. We performed in Findlay,Ohio,Springfield,Ohio,Bowie,MD,Washington,D.C.,New York City,Virginia,Va. Beach,Hampton,New Port News,Va.,Portsmouth,Va.,Hawaii,and I aint done yet.

Set List

we have a two hour show that can be broken down into 8/15 min. sets