B. Stilt

B. Stilt

 Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
BandHip HopWorld

B. Stilt is a hip hop artist whose music is hotter than fire, remarkably diverse and all the other adjectives that describe greatness. He hails from New Jersey as a seasoned underground emcee ready to take flight and warm up the industry with his authentic personality and feel good music.


When you hear the witty rhymes, see the big boy style and witness the crowd capturing smile-- you know there’s something special about B. Stilt.

B. Stilt hails from Linden, New Jersey born to two loving parents in an environment that would challenge his day to day decisions. B. Stilt says of his beloved state, "Jersey- I wouldn't trade a place for it, but it's a beautiful world and I'd love to explore it". If his latest song “B I Am It” is any confession then we can say he is definitely defining a lane of his own. He is not at it alone, as he brings along his Marksmen Squad (tagged from their favorite old school hang out- St. Marks Park) that have been with him since his child hood.

Since a child B. Stilt has had an affection for music especially Hip Hop to where he had to have the latest releases. His collection spans the whole gamut from R&B, Hip Hop of old to the most up to date pop, jazz and more. His father, a jazz bass player and music enthusiast passed along something special that B. Stilt calls the most “beau-ti-ful-lest” thing ever, talent from within.


Album Title: The Campaign
Group Project: Remarkable Mayor (Remarkable B. Stilt and Ton Liv The Mayor)

The Boarding Pass (EP Released May 5, 2011)

Beautiful Mind (Mixtape Album Released May 5, 2012)

Coming Summer 2012: Maiden Flight: Part 1

Set List

B I Am It
So Much More
Beautiful Mind
Get Right
Book of Stilt