A mediteranian melting put of Jerusalem contemporery compositions , north-african arabic desert treditions and a klezmer wedding ceremonial music , live acustic grooves to support virtuoso improvistions.


The BTA trio met in Jerusalem, Israel 5 years ago, while playing in the “Israeli Magreb Orchestra” lead by the Jewish-Moroccan folk singer Nino Biton. Each of them came from a different musical background (Jazz, Avant-garde and Song writing) and had learned of the Jewish-Moroccan folk music during that time. After performing in Israel's biggest venues, they realized the importance of conserving and reviving the traditional folk music. It took them a few more years to get together and transform their knowledge into a live music act based on folk and new music that can be heard and danced these days. In that time Talmudi had toured (and still does) Europe and The USA with another New-Folk music group known as the "Balkan Beat Box" and Bilitzky had finished his traditional Arabic music degree at the Jerusalem Music Academy of The Hebrew University.
Amsalem went to Cuba to study the Conga drumming with the leading Cuban drummer Dunietzky Barreto (“Bamboleo”).
BTA specializes in combining between the Arabic desert (Alger, Morocco, Egypt and middle-east) music to its various conceptions and the east European Jewish and Balkan traditions that brings the happy Wedding vibe into the music . A long with the original compositions, and free flowing improvisations the BTA groove becomes an original trance that sounds like nothing else. This is our reason for making music.

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so far we have realesed a demo recording for the album "Urban Desert" we finnished recording it and set date to relese it next summer. its all self produced and will be finnished during the up coming winter.

Set List

our typical set list is about 90 min (or less , if required) of traditional middle-eastern and east-europian traditionals and our Jerusalem contemporary compositions with the minimalistic groovy arrangments.