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I am the next generation of hip-hop music.


I am the Eastsides Best kept secret....In a place where music is normally hardcore. There emerges an artist who can't help but be against the grain. I always stood out from the crowd as someone with innovation coursing through his blood. As long as I can remember creating music has come naturally, aking it seem easy to someone who has no knowledge of the craft and to some who do. Eventually learning that music creation is something that is done for a person lifetime. Once a musician always a musician.



Written By: Brian Terry

I'm the one for you
You're the one for me
It must be in the star's tonight
Because Baby we're here together.


Projects: In GOD we trust, One
Music, Marijuana, Life and Love
The Opus
The G.L.A.D. album
-All albums were independent.
-I have six songs currently playing on my myspace page.
Check me out at myspace.com/bterryprincebrian

Set List

Got that BomB
Testimony of a dead man.
-Sets last approximately 17 mins.-