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B.Terry Biography

Since 2001 Brian Terry has been mastering his unique style of hip-hop music, gaining insight from his classical and jazz saxophone training. Brian Terry aka B. Terry mixes classical instrumentation with smooth jazz like melodies over an array of drum patterns. One thing that the talented B. Terry prides himself on is the difference in his sound from song to song. His talents range from music production and recording, song writing, song arrangement and performing just to name a few.
As he began pursuing his dreams of being an entertainer he put his skills to work by co-founding a small L.A. based independent label called Fortune Five Million Ent (F5M). Through his company he continued to work on his own numerous musical projects as well as produce for other local talent in the surrounding Los Angeles area, such as Mikenif, Rondon and Esgee. Throughout the years B.Terry has painted a picture of memorable songs like Ready, in which local L.A. rapper and long time friend Esgee covers the track with explosive lyrics denoting that track a classic in its own right. B. Terry has also performed on the Hollywood club circuit hitting places such as, Club 66, Gold Fingers, and most recently the Knitting Factory.
Fine tuning his production he founded his second company, Beatsville U.S.A. in 2006 with the goal of becoming a modern day Hittsville, producing music that will create a new consciousness of thought among today’s generation of music listener’s. Wanting to rise to the top of his game and needing to reach a larger audience, this exceptional artist produced three(3) of his songs to video which can be seen on the internet today. Considering himself to be “the full package,” B.Terry allows his creativity to speak for itself knowing that his work is in a class of its own.


I got that bomb
Let's have sex tonight
Interplanetterry Funk

Set List

Set intro
Interplaneterry Funk
I got that bomb
Picture this
Age of Aquarius
Time for me.
-This set last approximately 20 minutes