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Major slaps with a Bay Area Lingo twist thats Hyphy & will keep trunks rattlin till the break of dawn


B.T.H. (Bravez Team Hyphy) and independent record label Green Light Records stand strong as a growing product of the Bay Area music scene. From their hometown of Martinez, California, B.T.H. consists of members: DJ Hoodlm, Jenyus, Kuz'n, Willburnem, Rydah, ThaTruth. Each group member provides their own unique style of rapping, producing, and singing. Also as the founders of an independent record label, B.T.H. possesses the self-sufficient, entrepreneurial qualities needed for success in the music industry. On September 19th, 2006, B.T.H. will release their first album entitled "All Systems Go", under their independent label, Green Light Records. B.T.H. also have & is working on other projects that is soon to hit the music scene soon. B.T.H. promotes their own music in the streets, at shows, in local stores and over the internet, and is incresingly adding more fans to their fanbase each day. With their Hyphy upbeat tracks and innovative style, B.T.H. is bound to pick up where other Hip Hop/Rap groups left off in the West Coast music industry with down to earth realism while also keeping the clubs and radio station buzzing until the morning. Natives of the recent Hyphy Movement in the Bay Area rap scene, B.T.H. has not only reached fans of this new genre, but is simultaneously maintaining their own originality in an often tainted music industry. B.T.H. is increasingly gaining more exposure, leaving fans of all facets wanting more of their dynamically-styled music. With growing potential, B.T.H. is sure to continue supplying the Bay Area and fans with good music in their bright future, making the Bravez Team Hyphy a household name in years to come.


"All Systems Go", "Pro's in Tha Making" (Vol. 1 Mixtape)

Set List

1.) Intro :37, 2.) All systems go 3:46, 3.) Wutz tha track called 4:04, 4.) Only 1 Chance 3:44, 5.) We won't stop 3:52, 6.) Bay finna jump 3:47, 7.) Interlude :21, 8.) Wut we gonna do 2nite 3:43, 9.) I wanna 4:39, 10.) Itz wuteva 4:07, 11.) We own dis 4:29, 12.) Take your meds 3:45, 13.) So sick wit it 3:51, 14.) Dummy Tycoons 4:33, 15.) B-Ball stuntin 3:01, 16.) Dummy 101 4:31, 17.) Bay boyz 4:18