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"Review of the album "Out Of Nowhere""

I am just listening to this great debut CD. It has practically not left my CD player since I got it a month ago.
The music is fusion of very high quality. It has clear inspiration from Scofield and Stern, but it goes further than that well escorted by saxophone and organ. I particularly like the way dynamics is used in the music from the quiet forest lake to a raging storm.

Dines Thornberg
- Dines Thornberg

"Professional Perfection"

Wow - no intro straight in... lovely moody sexy saxs ,etting up the feel beautifully.

you have asked for comments on performance, melody and chords.....

Striaght away the performance is VERY good - though it has got a live feel going on. The drums are stunning, the cybal work very pro and subtle, well done.

The melody line is engaging and even though the sax is taking the lead its not jumping around all over the band - its sitting well in the mix and blending perfectly - VERY NICE

The chords show true class in musicianship, and the counter melodies covered by bass and keys are quite breathtaking.

This music is quite flawless and I would both pay for the opportunity to hear more (as in CD) and love to see the music performed.

With regard to production and overall sound the EQ is spot on - nothing clogging, nothing middly.

Mr Guitarman - superb! BRAVO

Outro - as everything else - perfect, classy and clever!

OVERALL - thank you for the listen and jolly well done - a professional, creative and most enjoyable track.


Best wishes from Saville
- Saville - review from

"Review from"


These guys know what it means - this is what I'm talkin' about! great instrumentation all around, love the arrangement!

Holy heck there are some chops occuring here. Did I run into you guys in the hallways at Berklee College of music in Boston? I was there in the fall of '92 and this is seriously taking me back.

Yeah, there is a bunch of stuff that is happening about this track and the players. Who is that tenor player? Nice frickin' tone!

I'm also really enjoying the range and dynamics in this sonic offering. We were just driving at break neck speed down the highway and now all of a sudden we're at our buddy's house chilling on the couch smoking some "____". Yeah, it takes me back alright!

The rhythm section is supportive yet also interactive and adding to all the solo sections... a must in jazz as far as I'm concerned. Who wants to improvise along with a Jamie Abersold cut?! This is quite the opposite indeed.

Holy heck your guitar player is going OFF right now. 2 minutes ago the solo started with some nice melodic tidbit snacks to chew on, which I always appreciate from players who could clearly burn 16th and 32nds till the end of time. Then he took us to outer space with some distortion and a mini quote of "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise" as the launching pad.
I started my musical career in jazz standards about 13 years ago but these days I'm way more focused in other directions genre wise so I feel currently unequipped to comment in depth on the writing. But I will say that the chords totally work for burning over... may I sit in some time?

You took me back to a little dark jazz dive I remembered from long ago...
Wonderful jazz fusion. Lots of great energy and originality. Loved the drums. The chords were phenominal, I didn't know where you were going next - so no preconceived ideas - a little daring peice. Thanks for the jazz.
- Review from

"Completely Badass!"

Dang that's a lot of notes in the A section. The guitar and sax are really tight playing those fast licks though. The thing that really makes it work are the melodic, spacy B sections. Love the beginning of the sax solo, GREAT contrast with the head. The solo form is really interesting, and really holds your attention. The sax solo plays great over the form and really develops the solo well. Nice start to the guitar solo.. and I love when the drums bust out the rockish and fast swing beats.. you guys really hit a lot of styles without making it seem forced, it really drives the song along and builds it.. adding the chorus on the guitar helps this too. The thing's 10 minutes long but I enjoyed every second of it. Badass musicians, but that understand the concepts of building a solo and playing melodically. Really original songwriting and solo form. This is just a solid recording all the way around. Great job!
- Review from


I liked this from the first confident strains of electric guitar. Very funky, almost Lovano/Scofield-esque chromatic melody. Drummer has great time, the sound quality is great, the change in beat and chords around 1:00 is very involving. Sax and guitar are perfectly tight in the head. I like how instead of going full-force, the band takes the intensity down at 2:00 for the sax solo - it adds intensity and provides more room for build-up. Sax has nice brawny tone. Great work, very accomplished band!
- Review from

"This is the real deal - a jazz feast!"

This is very nicely recorded. The sound is clean, and the instruments tend to support one another, rather than competing for attention.
The sax is really well-played, and moves the mood from one extreme to the other.
The song itself is pretty nice. Good melody, with a few interesting side trips, and the chords are rich, offering plenty of different intervals to play against.
A few other points: this drummer is really good. He keeps things moving, but stays out of the way of the song. The bass is sweet. Just enough bottom to hold the chords down, but not restrained, or forced. He seems to let the song carry him, rather than being driven by it. The guitar work is almost an afterthought, until he decides to take over, and show what he has in his little bag of tricks. Very impressive, especially the "Wes Montgomery" sections. This guy doesn't seem to have any limitations at all.
All in all, this is a smoky ride. I think you guys have outdone yourselves
- Review from


Between The Lines - Out Of Nowhere (debut album)

Next album is featuring Mike Stern and Randy Brecker. Release in fall 2009.



Between The Lines is the leading jazzfusion group of Denmark, consisting of five
extremely talented and professional musicians with many years of experience on
the music scene – alongside their great passion for the their instrumental type of
music – which is a mix of rock and jazz.
The band wishes to inspire everybody who listens. You need no qualifications to
get carried away by Between The Lines. The intention is to create an amazing atmosphere
and share a musical experience with the audience.
The beauty of Between The Lines is the way they catch ones attention with everything
from a single note to an explosion of energy. It is exactly this force that
makes this band unique.
In 2008 Between The Lines have released their acclaimed album debut ”Out Of
Nowhere” with great feedback from musicians around the world – amongst
them: Mike Stern, Lars Jansson, Søren Reiff, Frans Bak and many more...

“Between The Lines play their asses off!” - Mike Stern