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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Hip Hop




"ALBUM REVIEW: The B.T.R.O. Project (Toronto, Canada) – “Beats: Timian, Rhymes: Oso”"

We found a whole new form of respect for fresh Indie Underground Hip Hop in a group titled The B.T.R.O. Project. Their debut album “Beats – Timian. Rhymes – Oso” is truly a revolutionary album when it comes to Indie Funk Hip Hop especially being a debut album. The production is ill, Rhymes are fresh and all of the songs hit hard in any car or home speakers. Canadian Hip Hop has been uplifted by The B.TR.O. Project and there are not a lot of quality Hip Hop groups reppin Canada lately so hearing this album made me appreciate Canadian Hip Hop on a whole new level.
Clearly both Timian and Oso are professionals at what they do and most importantly they have set a bar for debut albums when it comes to overall quality for a first album……………… Track #6 “BANG THAT SHIT” is hella of a Banger!!!!!! - Underground Hip Hop Blog


B.T.R.O - Beats - Timian, Rhymes - Oso - released February 1st 2014



One encounter on Toronto transit can be chalked up to chance. But TWO is nothing short of the gods of music thrusting the clouds aside, reaching down from music heaven, and pushing Timian and Oso, into a beat making, rap spitting, video shooting, and generally good wholesome fun having duo (minus the cigarette-smoking and swearing of course). Thus was born the BTROproject - the name conceived on high, and their debut album, simply B.T.R.O. - Beats Timian Rhymes Oso - was born shortly thereafter.

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