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That's Love

Written By: B.T. Ryback

You and I look so much alike.
Maybe that's a sign that I'll find
somebody perfect for me, too.

I know I live so far away.
I'll try to tell you everyday
How happy I am for you.

He makes
You mad
You sigh
of how
you look
so completely happy.
That's love.
I know, that's love.

We met on and off over the years.
You bought me a couple beers,
and we would bond over drinks from the bar.

You accepted her, you accepted me,
and my crazy family.
I've come to know how good you are.

She holds
your hand,
you smile
to know
you need
her by your side.
Best friend and bride.

That's love
like the sun
kissing your face
but it doesn't burn.
It bursts
out from your hearts
we can all se
and we would do well to learn.

Someday I'll meet a beautiful child
with hair just as wild
as his mama's, or with her father's brown eyes.

And if they cry, I'll sing 'em this song
and they'll know that they belong
to a bond of love that never dies.

You stand
so close
so proud
to share
your joys
your tears.
The unavoidable
doesn't scare you
you are ready
to show us how it's done.
That's love.
I know, that's love.