Rev Bubba D Liverance & the Cornhole Prophets
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Rev Bubba D Liverance & the Cornhole Prophets

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"Let My Peoples Dance Review"

Upon seeing the distinctive name of Alabama’s own RBDL & TCP (ok, maybe acronyms don’t always work…) this reviewer felt a little quiver go down his critical little spine. Band names can run the gambit from pompous (U2) to goofy (Flock of Seagulls…what was that about, anyway?) to legendary (AC freakin’ DC!), but some names just take the proverbial cake and the Rev. has done that in spades. Just having a T-shirt with this group’s name would make the trip to see them live worth it.

Not only that…the music is pretty damn good as well. Bubba channels a slick Dr. John/Springsteen vocals combo, belting out his profound lyrics in an upbeat country/bluegrass style. All the songs are good, but if standouts like “My Baby’s a Seafood Platter” don’t make your feet start tapping…well, then you are dead.

A funky fusion of ‘70s rock and roll with a hefty sense of humor and plenty of classic melodies, the Reverend’s first album has brought some deliverance to all who prefer a yard-beer to a martini (or in this case some good old American rock and roll). Still not quite sure who all his “prophets” are, other than fine musicians; but who cares as long as they don’t get to carried away with the “Cornhole” thingy…

Being that the Rev. seems to tour far from our little Cowtown, your best bet is to grab this through his website (most of the songs are available for .99 cents each, if you’ve got an iPod). Send him some love, and maybe he will come for a visit. That would be the first preacher worth listening to in a looong time. — Brandon Whitehead (posted 07/18/08) - KC Online Soundbites

"5 Stars!"

What the ? Ole J.D. looked at the title and didn't know what to think of it. Actually this CD is fantastic, no doubt about it. Its a 12 track collection of original Rock and Soul from this Auburn, Alabama based band. Bubba and the boys are great musicians but they enlisted Wayne Jackson, Carl Hale and Donnie "Sax" Sanders of the Memphis Horns who bring their 60's style of playing to this CD that they did to many Stax releases of that era. This is one of the best CDs of this genre to come out in a long time. With a name like that it kinda reminds me of a group from around here called Hootie.......

Tracks include "Let My Peoples Dance", "My Baby's A Seafood Platter", "the Jody Grine", believe it or not a Gospel track called "Pearly Gates" and a theme for Auburn University "Let the Eagle Fly". Release date May 12. 2008
JDH - Cashbox Magazine

"Chart Chatter"

The Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and The Cornhole Prophets recently released their new CD Let My People's Dance. Folks don't let the name fool you. This is one dynamite band and Let My People's Dance is one of the best produced CD's to enter our market in quite some time. This Auburn, Alabama group features top notch musicians and Let My People's Dance features four cuts that are sure to find favor with the Beach and Shag crowd. That's What You Do, Mo Better, my personal favorite I'm Fixin' To, and If You Can't Shag feature killer horn arrangements and top notch instrumentation. If you have not checked out Reverend Bubba D. Liverance, you need to. Look for several of the Reverend's tunes to be featured on upcoming compilations in our market. The secret is out! The Reverend Bubba D. Liverance and The Cornhole Prophets rock! - Beach Music 45

"He Ain't No American Idol"

He “Ain’t No American Idol”!

The self proclaimed “right reverend of rock ‘n soul”, Rev. Bubba D. Liverance, avoids photo shoots, rarely does interviews, and is usually giging when American Idol is being aired. “I take the “old school” approach. If you write good songs and give powerful live performances, you can make a lasting impact on people.”

While Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, Bo Bice and other American Idol finalists may have hit the lottery with their overnight fame, achieving long term success is a different story.

“I prefer the route taken by the Beatles, Tom Petty, Springteen, or Dave Matthews. They all wrote great songs and they’re all road warriors with a passion for performing live and loving every minute of it!” “It wasn’t about the glitz, fame, or money, it was all about the music.”

Rev. Bubba D. Liverance & the Cornhole Prophets first studio album “Let My Peoples Dance” is a 12 song original set of 60’s throwback Rock, R & B, and Pop music with a street date of May 12, 2008. The uptempo rocker “Ain’t No American Idol” and the funky “Let My Peoples Dance” tell you all you need to know about the Rev. Bubba D. You’ll find the Right Rev has put fun, heart, and soul, back into rock ‘n roll. They approach their live performances like “Rock ‘n Roll Marines” storming the stages with a gritty, sweaty, take no prisoners attitude! One thing for sure, the Rev Bubba D. Liverance ain’t no American idol!
- Freelance

"Bubba D Liverance - Rock'N'Soul"

Rev. Bubba D Liverance says that the album he has made with the good honest folk who form his band, The Cornhole Prophets, is "just for fun." Well, the music may well be fun, but don't let Bubba fool you, because this is one band who know exactly what they are doing.

Hailing from Auburn, Alabama, Bubba and his boys play the sort of music you sometimes wish everyone would make: Good honest rock and roll soul, with both heart and a sense of humour. The horns are as funky as anything James Brown could ever dream up, the guitars wail away like the best Stax records of yesteryear, while Bubba sings his heart out just like a good 'ol southern boy should.

Put all these together and make them as tight as a band can be, and you've got music that will get everyone out of their seat and on to that dancefloor. It is no surprise, therefore, that the album should be called Let My Peoples Dance. The Cornhole Prophets are all about bringing the people's music back to the people and making it fun.

Although the album will no doubt be enjoyed by people in homes, cars and headphones everywhere it is played, The Cornhole Prophets are above all a live experience. The feeling of playing to the audience, bouncing back off a frenzied crowd of converts and just getting funky is what informs this record. It is what makes us feel so fresh and alive.

Listen to the raw soul power of the title track or That's What You Do, the dry comedy of My Baby Is A Seafood Platter or the appeal to real, honest music that is Ain't No American Idol and you'll know that Bubba and his band are as far away from the tasteless modern pop band as you can get.

This is a band that thinks music should be real, should be live and should reach people. They haven't got a message, other than enjoy yourself and let your feet do the talking. You can call the music rock and roll, funk, soul, rhythm & blues, or even country. But whatever it is, it sure is a whole lot of fun.

Give Bubba a whirl and get those toes tapping.

Let My Peoples Dance is available to buy from June 2 2008.


"Let My Peoples Dance Review"

Rev. Bubba is the self proclaimed "Right Reverend of Rock and Soul" and after listening to the debut disc he and his band have recently released I tend to agree with the good reverend. Hailing from Alabama he and his 9 piece band have put together a 12 track compilation of original songs called Let My Peoples Dance. The disc can only be described as pure musical enjoyment.

Let My Peoples Dance is a collection of songs that remind you of a time when music was more about integrity and enjoyment, not the quick, short lived commercial push of today's flawed music industry standards. Most of the songs on this disc were co written by Bubba and his lead guitarist Mr. Sam Hankins and all of them are catchy enough that you'll be singing along in no time.

All 9 members in the band are accomplished musicians and they all seem to follow in Rev Bubba's quest to just have fun in what they do and share that feeling with their fans. The different musical influences like soul, gospel, R&B, rock and even country are all present and along with the usual guitars, drums and keyboards they have a full horn section which helps give the entire disc a retro feel. I enjoyed all the songs but a couple standouts for me would be "If You Can't Shag, Mo Better" and "Pearly Gates."

In the end I highly recommend this disc to anybody who likes music at all. Rev Bubba & The Cornhole Prophets just have an honest sound that's very appealing, singable and just about anybody can dance to it, except me, I never could dance.

J. Simpson -


Let My Peoples Dance



Rev. Bubba D. Liverance & the Cornhole Prophets are a 9 piece Rock ‘n Soul Band from Alabama. According to Rev. Bubba, “For us, it’s all about having a good time playing the music you love”.

“Let My Peoples Dance” is a 12 song set of original rock and soul music with a few nods toward gospel, country, and swing. Contrary to conventional music industry standards, this rowdy, but highly talented, band can’t be categorized into one specific musical genre. You could label the album under Rock, Pop, or R&B, but if there was a “Mighty Good Music” category, you’d find Rev. Bubba and the boys at the top of the list.

Bubba and lead guitarist Sam Hankins collaborated, writing most of the album’s material, but the band included “Didn’t We Love” by hit songwriters Danny Orton and Jim Collins as well as “My Baby Is a Seafood Platter” by the legendary Rusty McHugh.

The good Reverend avoids photo shoots, rarely does interviews, and prefers anonymity over celebrity. Those who want some insight into Rev Bubba’s personality should listen to “Ain’t No American Idol”, “Let My Peoples Dance” and “Pearly Gates”. “Music is about escapism and feeling good. It’s not about me”, says Bubba, “Our mission was to put some fun, heart, and soul back into Rock ‘n Roll”. Mission accomplished.