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My release of Samurai Sax is more of what I can do and say rather than who I am. I had to get it done because it looked at the time like my sax playing abilities were coming to an end. This was putting into play all the mechanical, electrical, music, communications, computer and physical skills.

Samurai Sax was recorded during the worst of conditions. I still don’t like my intonation on the CD, but that was a result of the problem. While blowing a solo in a blues band one night in 1987 it seem my nasal cavity felt like a balloon ready to pop. Soon there after a strange buzzing sound in side my head was a leak. My air pressure for playing was escaping from my nose and as the leak widened the buzzing became painful and I had to stop. An ENT told me my soft palate had shortened and I needed surgery. The incident did not happen for another 2 years, but since that time it has increased in frequency and duration. In May of 2001 it came and never left.

During this period I was working about 6 corporate gigs, 2 Farmers Markets, and the worship team each month. I had to retrain myself to blow with emotion and intensity without high pressure against. Even on my best efforts I could only blow for about 30, maybe thirty-five, minutes before the palate fatigued and the leak started. Focusing on holding the palatal seal caused me to lose intonation. I was so frustrated I wanted to quit, but when it is your livelihood you have to stick with it. Singing definitely helped save my bacon. My wife (manager) only booked mellow gigs for no more than two hours. She also raised my fees to compensate. I wanted to put something down on CD as a record of that period. It was a lot of work.

On April 3rd of this year the head of the Palo Alto V.A. Hospital ENT Clinic, Dr. Goode injected Restlin along the back wall of the throat, just above where the soft palate makes contact. His being a professor at Stanford University made me feel pretty comfortable. The injected material built a ridge for the soft palate to make a good seal. After five months the effects of the Restlin is starting to wear off. I felt a twinge of what is to come. My discussion with the Doctor now is how to proceed. We are exploring a permanent, reversible implant. The injections work great, but it puts me out of commission for two weeks and I don’t have that kind of free time till January.

Music is my life's blood. It reflects what I have experienced from childhood till now. The saxophone saved a lonely and insecure kid who did not fit in. The only solace was that those times produced an independent stubborn streak in me. My career in music started on May 10, 1983, but did not manifest until December 1985. I played with several bands over the next few years, but from the start they were difficult to hold together. Just as soon as something starts to come together some idiot wants to be put on a pedestal and the band falls apart.

I love the energy and spontaneity of a band, but those are tough relationships. In February 1986 I performed my first solo gig playing for tips at a Chinese restaurant where my wife worked. From that gig a local Chamber of Commerce hired me for an Installation Dinner. From then on word has spread and I have had the occasion to perform at some extremely nice events.

Though I carry dance parties the functions I mainly perform for require sensitivity to the conversation of the clientele. Most of my gigs are wallpaper, background to accentuate the ambiance with just enough presence to not intrude. I know I've done my job when someone finally notices me and comments they thought a CD was playing. This is not work for the musician who wants to be noticed.

Quality music at a low volume, sax, vocals, small space required, and always a hit with your clientele all help to set me apart from a band. People love a Sax. They also appreciate and listen for lyrics. I provide them both and a great sounding accompaniment.