Bubble Geese

Bubble Geese

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopPunk

We are like The Golden Girls meets The Ramones. We play punk rock and surf music. Listening to us will literally make you feel like you are being pulled in the ocean by the undertow and you need to be rescued by a lifeguard. We are that lifeguard.


Craig and Jake met in 2007 and began producing 90s style east coast hip-hop music out of a Manhattan studio. Their sound was reminiscing of jazzy golden era rap with their content being completely unique and excruciatingly original. They began doing NYC shows in 2008 and quickly gained recognition for their live shows, humor and throwback vibe. They continued to evolve when they met drummer Chris Miedaner, a drummer from Wisconsin, and composed and recorded an album of 70s style punk rock/surf rock tunes. They made the drastic musical change due to what they felt was an over-saturation and general low quality nature of current rap. They still delve in both genres.


2008 - "All The DJ's Want to Feel my Breasts, Vol. I"
2009 - "Long D!ck Affection"
2011 - "#Foamparty"
2012 - "Big 'Uns"

Set List

1 - Lowlife
2 - Testarosa!
3 - Sot
4 - Beach Justice
5 - Benny
6 - Surfin Safari
7 - Bored As Hell
8 - Nixon Now
9 - Martin Lawrence/Wal-Mart Parking Lot