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Bubblegum Screw

London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock Punk


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"BUBBLEGUM SCREW in Bubblegum Slut"

"Nothing will ever impress us more than a band that plays their rock'n'roll honest, original and inspiring. Nothing. But a band that doesn't only play that shizz, talk the talk and wear it well, but one like Bubblegum Screw that really lives and breathes what it projects on stage.. now that's something special." - Bubblegum Slut


"A mixture of New York Dolls and the Stooges all in one. Very "Glam trash" is the best way for me to describe them. Very Velvet Goldmine meets CBGB, this EP is fabulous! Singer Mark Thorn is amazing with his vocals and the guitars make you wanna get drunk and go nuts! After hearing this CD I now MUST see them live. Very original with heavy influences at the same time makes this EP one true AMAZING album! Perfect from first to last track I can safely say I'm a huge fan!" - Punk Globe


"Just imagine that you’re in the audience seeing BUBBLEGUM SCREW for the first time... like in a dream you'll think that you’re actually looking at Johnny Thunders and Dee Dee Ramone rocking the stage.... but thank God, Mark, Zuri, Johnny, Rich & Mike don’t live in a ghost world... on the contrary, they are genuine London rockers who grew up listening to The HEARTBREAKERS, The DEAD BOYS and HANOI ROCKS... these British cats went shopping at the glam punk sleaze counter to offer us delicious meals that could have been cooked by the best chefs in town... they got it all, despite their young age... their willing victims will turn up their stereo with a smile on their faces." - Veglam


"I have to keep checking the info on this disc to make sure I am getting this right. This is a new release, and this is not from New York or Detroit. I swear to God man, between the production, writing style, singing, everything, you could make an argument for this being a lost 1979 New York Underground band. Yeah, this would have been big at Max’s Kansas City…no doubt. There or the obvious choice of CBGB’s. Heck, this actually sounds like outtakes from We Have Come For Your Children by Dead Boys in the production department and Mark Thorn does a pretty good Stiv. If this thing had come out in 1979, make no mistake about it, the final track “Rock N Roll Loser” would be the anthem for many. Power, attitude, swagger, it has a lot going for it. If you need some Trash, give the Bubblegum Screw a shot, I’ll bet ya a piece of Bazooka that you’ll be happy you did!" - Sonic Ruin


"Imagine amalgamating Iggy & the Stooges, Faster Pussycat, The Orphan Punks and The Damned and you'll be one step closer to the reality that Bubblegum Screw truly are. There really was no stopping the onslaught of sleaze infused punk. But whatever you do, do not think of this band as being just another re-hash trying to make it in different form. They're in a class of their own! " - Glitzine

"BUBBLEGUM SCREW in Sleazegrinder"

"I am comfortable in saying that Bubblegum Screw is carrying on in a grand rock n’ roll tradition, borrowing liberally from 70’s punk and glam and spitting it up in serio-comic chunks. The drummer sounds distracted, like he’s watching the door, looking out for the pissed-off boyfriend of whatever chick he’s banging. It gives Bubblegum Screw’s sound this hurried, desperate feel, like they wanna finish before the fists start flying. Cool. Anyway, this EP’s got four tracks, all of ‘em wobbling somewhere between Hanoi Rocks and solo Stiv. Closer “Rock N’ Roll Loser” is the clear winner in the pack, a corrosive little JAMC-meets-Bowie gem of pop-snark and self-deprecating cool. If it were in a movie, there’d be tits onscreen. And they’d be awesome tits." - Sleazegrinder

"BUBBLEGUM SCREW in Classic Rock"

"London's own Bubblegum Screw (no, we don't know what it means) have been knocking 'em dead since 2006 with a searing glam-punk sound that's equal amounts New York punk, London glitter and LA sleaze. They're young and skinny and teenage girls love them. The band say they're "on a rock'n'roll mission and we take no prisoners!" Which is exactly the same kind of crazy shit Axl Rose would yell at people in 1985. So, good start. Okay, so their signature song is called Rock'n'Roll Loser, but who says it's about them?" - Classic Rock


"An action packed rock 'n' roll rollercoaster fuelled with an American punk attitude - Iggy, Stooges etc, with a big wide streak of rock 'n' roll running through... occassionally theres a hint of early Damned... their chaos is always controlled...just! A real powerhouse of an act... the songs are very riff driven and can have a dark, urgent tone at times, but raunchy solos always arrive to glitz things up... this is one act you need to see live...trashy, crashy punk 'n' roll that hits the spot - they're gonna kill ya." - Neon


2007 - St Valentines Day Massacre EP

2010 - Rock n Roll Losers



Take a bit of Max’s Kansas City New York sleaze and mix it with the primeval brutality of Iggy & the Stooges, the seedy glamour of 1970’s glitter trash and the caveman stomp of 60s garage rock, and you’ve got a group that’s on a take-no-prisoners rock ‘n’ roll mission.
Welcome to Bubblegum Screw. London’s hottest glam punk ‘n’ roll band.

Seeing them on stage for the first time, you’ll think you’re actually looking at Johnny Thunders, Dee Dee Ramone and Stiv Bators rocking out once again.

Mark Thorn on vocals and bassist Zuri Warsaw formed the band in 2006 through their mutual love for the 1970’s East Coast punk sound, primarily artists like the New York Dolls, Dead Boys and Ramones. Rich van Kerr on rhythm guitar and rock ‘n’ roll hellraiser Tommy Vommit on lead guitar were then drafted in. To complete the line-up, drummer Dave 666 was recruited to provide some musical muscle.
So far, Bubblegum Screw have toured as far away as Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria and were the first British rock & roll band to play Bulgaria’s second largest city Plovdiv.

In the UK, they have opened for legendary acts such as L.A. Guns, Adam Ant, Warrior Soul , The Glitter Band and The Adverts’ TV Smith among others. They’re known to be one of London’s most dangerous and exciting live acts, with their killer live shows earning them new fans wherever they play.

In April 2008, their song ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Loser’ off their debut EP ‘St Valentine’s Day Massacre’ was included on Classic Rock magazine’s compilation CD ‘Sons of Guns III’. Theme: bands that have the fire of early Guns N’ Roses.
Bubblegum Screw’s debut album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Losers” is currently in the final production stages and contains bucketloads of glam punk anthems such as ‘I Was A Teenage Fuckup’, ‘Because He Loves You’ and ‘Special Powers Of Love’.