Bubonik Funk

Bubonik Funk

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Infectious funk-rock that combines old, new, and everything in between, creating a tight, groovy unit taking over the ears of listeners everywhere


Bubonik Funk is an American Rock band, from Charlotte, North Carolina formed in 2006. With their funky, guitar-driven soulful sound, Bubonik Funk is regularly cited as a groove and jam band. However, it's not quite like that. The FunK is Bubonik, creeping it's way into all their songs through many genres that manifest from the bands collective Gourd. The band's individualistic style draws from many artists, from Parliament to Radiohead and Led Zeppelin to Earth Wind and Fire. The Bubonik Funk is about to spread, and we can't wait to do it with you


Bubonik Funk-2007
Wink at the Devil- February 2010

Set List

Some of our songs include: Queen Bee, Woman In My Basket, Ziggy's Lament, Buru, Dancing Bear, Position of Power, Hybrid Cat, Fields of Zion, Polymethus, In Space, Mystic Feeney, Wrath of Brad, The Feeling Is, Side of Tits, and Jungle Horse. Our sets are typically between an hour and two hours and our most notable covers include: Express Yourself, I Want You Back, People Say, Streetbeater, Fire, and Sexy Mexican Maid.