A complex mix of progressive rock (varying from classical to metal) and traditional Romanian music, played with a very diverse rithmic patterns, special violin duets and exquisit vocal lines.


The band was formed by Andi, long time ago. Andi's passion for the Romanian traditions and history, for the specifics of the traditional music and literature led him to start Bucium. The name represents an ancient instrument that was used both for singing and for alerting comunities in case of danger.
In that period, Andi won a lot of national folk music contests with his acoustic folk project called "Din Inima" ("From The Heart). The first Bucium songs that were composed are those that will appear on the second album, Miorita.
First Bucium line-up resisted less than 2 years, and during this period, the band had it's first shows. Started form 2006, Bucium had it's lineup complete again and started playing on a regular basis and recorded the first album, "Voievozii'. Bucium played most of the Romanian elite music festival and shared the stage with important international bands.


Bucium has already written songs for 3 albums, and some of them are already published by internet. The first full length, named "Voievozii" was released on April 2008 by the Romanian label A&A Records (Warner Music licensee). The following album is called "Miorita" and will be recorded in the spring of 2009, for a fall release.
Some songs can be streamed on the band's Myspace: www.myspace.com/bucium. Alsio, the 2 singles, "Maria" and "Zalmoxe" can be heared on the radios in Romania.

Set List

The band usually does not do covers.
The setlist may vary depending on the show duration. Bucium is able to sustain shows up to 2 hours of playing time. Also the setlist may vary depending on the show type, since we can choose songs either on the soft rock side or on the metal side.